Carrie’s Scars and Stripes Coffee is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide

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Carrie’s Scars and Stripes Coffee is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide

March 04
18:00 2020
Carrie\'s Scars and Stripes Coffee is utilizing Mr. Checkout\'s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide

Isn’t it crazy how a cup of coffee can save so many lives?
Veteran owned business and independent affiliate of Scars and Stripes Coffee. Empowers veterans to start their own e-commerce business. We use a Military rank structure that is familiar to reignite, team, mission, purpose and accountability, and integrate life coaching that will open doors for veterans in the civilian world.

Only veterans can sell our products and every product sold empowers a veteran through commission or performance based bonus. Once on a team the veteran is assigned a squad leader that is accountable for them from weekly phone calls to mentoring. The veteran is now part of a huge network that will help them build their business and become the best version of themselves. 

Carrie’s Scars and Stripes Coffee is on a mission to spread veteran suicide awareness and reduce veteran suicide. At least 60,000 veterans died by suicide between 2008 and 2017. More than 6,000 annually and approximately 22 veteran suicides a day. Brotherhood develops quickly between men and women in uniform simply by the call to duty they share in common. Sense of family and a common bond to look out for each other is what a lot of veterans struggle with when they leave the military. We provide the camaraderie that many veterans miss. As a veteran who has struggled it is heartbreaking to watch my brothers and sisters in arms take their lives.

Scars & Stripes Coffee empowers Veterans to build their own business using our e-commerce platform. When you purchase from Scars and Stripes Coffee, you are buying from a Veteran, and your purchase directly impacts the men and women who have served our country.


We pride ourselves in bringing the highest quality beans sold by the highest quality people. Know that when you purchase our coffee you are not only supporting the finest people in our country but you are also purchasing the highest quality bean. Our coffee is fresh roasted and will be at your doorstep within days of the bean being roasted. As we grow, we will be adding new flavors.


We are proud to roast every bag here in the land of the free.


The Veteran Endowment will be governed by a trust that states you can only spend the interest made from the principal amount and will be independent of Scars and Stripes Coffee. Each year the endowment interest will be donated to veteran nonprofit organizations that will be qualified by an unpaid Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will utilize a strategic framework to qualify the organizations.


Veterans have the opportunity to make an income by selling Scars & Stripes Coffee. Veterans who sign up get unique codes. Whenever customers order coffee, shirts, or gear the Veteran earns commission. Customers who order without a specific Veteran code will use our Veteran generator to randomly generate four of our leaders in our company to empower.

If you are a Veteran we invite you to join the Scars and Stripes Coffee team.

Carrie’s Scars and Stripes Coffee is a featured product of the independent grocer association. My goal is to spread our mission to veterans all over the world.

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Contact Person: Carrie Beavers
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Phone: (309) 255-4648
Country: United States

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