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March 11
11:18 2020
As your business grows, you want all its aspects to grow along with it and this includes marketing.

Your initial marketing effort may now fit your company perfectly while it’s still at its fledgling stages. The question is, how certain are you that your marketing strategy will still fit your company when you’re already scaling?

Sure, you can come up with a new marketing strategy by then but wouldn’t it also be more cost-effective if you can put more mileage into your current marketing strategy?

Let’s take Bob’s experience as a cautionary tale about the need for an evolving marketing strategy. Bob has been in business since the late 1990s. He runs a rental store for various items, from books, DVDs and CDs to electric and electronic equipment like power tools and two-way radios. He did most of the marketing via ads on the local paper, the occasional flyers, and a huge signage fronting his store. Word-of-mouth was probably his best marketing tool, and people in town then knew his store and knew Bob by name.

Back then, the internet was in its relative infancy. In the early 2000s, Bob had his niece set him up a website, partly as a school project. It was a one-page static website with just a picture of him, his shop, a short description of the business, the shop address and contact information. He didn’t think much about his website; it was just nice to have a dot-com name printed on his calling card.

In the mid-2000s, Bob’s town population grew, thanks to many families who moved from the city looking for the idyllic laid-back life that his town offered. As more people started taking root, Bob’s business grew. CDs and DVDs went out of fashion, but equipment rentals grew, partly because of a rising do-it-yourself culture. Other businesses in his neighborhood were also thriving.

It wasn’t long before big businesses took notice. Just a little over a decade after the founding of Bob’s Equipment Rental, names like United Rental and Rental Center established themselves close by, no more than a few miles away from Bob’s place of business.

Suddenly, Bob’s thriving equipment rental business was in danger of being outcompeted by conglomerates and his old marketing style wasn’t working anymore. The neighborhood’s younger generation didn’t bother to ask where they could rent equipment – they would just Google their query and, of course, Google returned the names of the big businesses instead of Bob’s. His web address was nowhere in the first few pages of search results. He had no social media account yet, much less an active online marketing strategy.

What happened to Bob is a perfect example of not being able to change with the times. The competitive landscape changes drastically and so does consumer behavior. Information from the internet started to heavily influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. Meanwhile, the online presence of Bob’s business was negligible.

It’s unfortunate for Bob that online marketing was also in its infancy during his first dip in the internet space. Now, businesses rely heavily on online marketing and it’s not just about establishing relevancy with the times.

Marketing online is part and parcel of any serious marketing effort because the benefits it brings is critical for any business to survive. Benefits include brand awareness, increase sales, customer engagement, business reputation, and credibility.

Now, there’s a new dimension to online marketing strategies that businesses require and it’s the lesson in Bob’s story: marketing strategies must be scalable. Scalable marketing means it can grow with the client’s business and evolve with the times. And when it comes to equipping entrepreneurs like Bob with scalable marketing strategies, one online marketing service provider has positioned itself ahead of the competition: offers marketing services that fit the present-day needs of entrepreneurs but with the future in mind.’s products are designed for high-mileage utility and long-term profitability, meaning clients get more bang for the buck for their marketing investment. does this in several ways.

First, always considers timelessness in its creative efforts. In video sales scriptwriting, marketing email composition, or any content creation, it’s easy to cash in using the latest internet fad or whatever is mainstream, but this decision also puts a short expiration on the material. What’s hip and refreshing now can quickly become dated and irrelevant in a few months. It’s a creative challenge but works on looks and themes that last so clients can use the same contents longer.

Second, marketing instruments can be re-purposed to suit an evolving marketing strategy. A current marketing strategy can also be tweaked to accommodate other marketing tools at a later time. For example, a video sales script promotion can be integrated with an email campaign.

Another example is the business coaching sessions that come with’s premium combined marketing services. Although the coaching part is primarily there to ensure the successful implementation of a marketing strategy, it can also help extend the service life of your marketing effort.

Lastly, the best marketing strategies will involve generating data and the ability to monitor and study performance numbers. can assist with data integration and know-how so even if your choice monitoring app evolves or should you add/choose another management system in the future, you already have the fundamentals.

Scaling the business is any entrepreneur’s long-term goal. It should follow that marketing efforts scale with it. is the entrepreneurs’ partner in achieving both.

About the Company is an online provider of marketing solutions and executive coaching services. For a full list of products and services, visit For inquiries, send an email to [email protected].

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