Pure health blends Inspiring the world to enjoy tea at its best

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Pure health blends Inspiring the world to enjoy tea at its best

March 17
22:12 2020
Improving Your Health and Wellness, Naturally

March 17, 2020 – Instant herbal tea crystals that dissolve in 3 seconds. Pure Health Blends have unveiled their unique nutritious herbal teas which are specifically designed to naturally enhance the body’s health and wellness, using natural proven ingredients, blended under laboratory conditions.

Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. High in antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body as it improves brain function, helps with fat loss, helps lower the risk of cancers, protects the brain by lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, kills bacteria, improves dental health, lowers the risk of infection, lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, helps protect against heart disease and stroke, helps you live longer and healthier.

Pure Health Blends tea stands out from others on the market because of the unique and patented way the ingredients are crystalized and filtered to create a pure, clear, natural herbal tea without the need for brewing, bags, sludge or sediment. Pure Health Blends Teas provides an exceptional flavor experience and high-quality tea, quickly, easily, conveniently and without mess. With many years of experience in the tea industry, and by working closely with the people they source from, they can guarantee the highest quality ethically sourced tea ingredients.

These are some of the Testimonials From a Few Of our First Customers:

Excellent tea and instant too, how cool is that. I really enjoy the aroma and it takes effect pretty much as soon as I start drinking it. I look forward to having my cup of Vitality tea every morning,” says Mike Baker

Instant herbal tea with no sludge! Yes, it’s definitely true. The Cold and Flu Immunity Booster definitely works really well, helped clear up my cough too. Not sure if it’s the tea but I feel better than before I had a cold. I am going to try their Vitality Tea,” says Peter Jones

I have had a lot of stress recently and drinking the instant Hypertension herbal tea is working great. I feel a lot better, calmer and more positive. I make some up in a bottle and take it to work. I just tried it with sparkling water. Awesome!” says Ann Garner

Customer service is at the core of the business philosophy, and we strive to continue to develop the highest quality and unique herbal products to fit customer demands. We believe in making natural products that are easy and convenient to enjoy whilst maximizing the health benefits of the ingredients. Pure Health Blends tea crystals are the Future of Health & Wellness Herbal Teas. Our ingredients are laboratory researched using a patented, and unique process, to create an instant tea through biological cell nano-extraction and crystallization technology.

Pure health blends believe in tea that is as delicious as it is uplifting to the spirit. It’s not just a drink – it’s an experience. Inspired by Asia’s great tea cultures – they don’t just sell the world’s finest tea leaves, they show how to get the best from them, through their expertise, passion and determination.

For more information, please visit www.PureHealthBlends.com

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