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Tech House Tuesdays Launches Live DJ Performances on Twitch and YouTube

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Tech House Tuesdays Launches Live DJ Performances on Twitch and YouTube

April 28
06:55 2020
Innovative live music streams and performances during these times.

Seattle, WA – April 28, 2020 – Tech House Tuesdays announce the launch of Twitch and YouTube live streams with hi-resolution 4K videos to assist during this lockdown time period. Has the endless lockdown got you down or out of sorts? You are far from alone and a music show has a perfect cure to lift you up. Tech House Tuesdays is available live on Twitch every Tuesday with 4K hi-resolution videos available on YouTube. With some of the best tech house music and mixes it may just rock your core in a new way. Listening to music is not only a wonderful boost to your spirits, but it can help power your brain to a brand-new level. When things don’t seem to work out in life it’s important to focus on what you can directly influence, your mood and attitude for starters. So turn off all the negative news and get ready to dance to some tech house.

Inspiring Tech House Stream

You’ll find that it’s very hard to feel negative or drained while you listen to music or dancing. That’s because listening to a music like tech house induces changes in your brain’s neurotransmitters sparking alertness and deeper awareness. Furthermore, music boosts peptides, and hormonal reactions related to mental state and emotional involvement. But most of all, do it because tech house is so inspiring and fun. Let your body move to the flow of the music, enter your own special trance and dream away. Nobody can stop you from dancing to the rhythm of your musical bliss. Of course, don’t forget to share with all your friends, family and associates, they could all use the lift too. No matter how badly you might feel right now, tuning in for some music makes all the difference. Head over to their Twitch channel’s tech house stream.

Vibrant Live Tech House Music

While it seems the walls are closing in on so many folks around the globe confined to their homes, dare to be different, do the opposite, expand the walls of your residence to limitless galaxies unknown by listening to tech house. The best way to beat the cabin fever blues is to listen to some music and shake what your mama gave you. Pump up the volume and do your own dance. Make it up as you go along, do your own thing, who cares! It’s your life, you only live once as they say. And if you dance it up to the fullest, one life should surely be enough. If you’re looking to stay fit and healthy trapped at home, music with dance is the perfect workout combination. Instantly inject mental and physical stimulation right into your bloodstream. So what are you waiting for, tune in right now to hear live tech house music.

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