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Introducing Italian-Made 100% Cotton Luxury T-Shirts By Girelli Bruni

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Introducing Italian-Made 100% Cotton Luxury T-Shirts By Girelli Bruni

April 29
18:32 2020

Italian-based luxury textile company Girelli Bruni is introducing 100% cotton T-shirts that scream quality, class, and comfort from across the room.

Girelli Bruni is based in Verona, and since 2003 has been producing high-end T-shirts that are sold in luxury boutiques around the world. For the past 17 years, Bruni has been studying all aspects of cotton in an attempt to create the perfect cotton weave that can make the most luxurious and quality fabric in the world.

Although the designer manufactures clothing in different types of fabric, our most preferred material is cotton, and we work to transform it into clothing that you never want to take off once you have had the pleasure of wearing it.

The T-shirt is one of the essential pieces of clothing in your wardrobe; however, our T-shirts lend personality and elegance to the people wearing it. What makes us different from other brands is our belief that even a deceptively simple-looking garment should be made with the best quality of fabric and sustainable production practices.

To ensure this, we take special care on every step of the material, starting from the acquisition of the raw material to the tailoring of the final product. Almost all of these steps take place in Veneto except for the cotton raw material, which can only be grown in tropical and subtropical regions.

The entire process takes a lot of energy, time, and patience, and not many garment producers in the world are willing to go to this extent to make a T-shirt. However, it is well worth the effort since the feel of the cotton is so luxurious you never want to take it off.

At Girelli Bruni, we understand that not all T-shirts which boast a 100% cotton tag are the same. The choice of raw material is essential for the wearability, durability, and elegance of even a simple item of clothing like a T-shirt.

Thats why we only use extra-long two-ply cotton yarn to make up our shirts. Only 3 percent of cotton garments in the world are made with long-staple yarn, while 97 percent of the cotton garments are made with short-staple cotton. If we look at T-shirts alone, we represent a market that sells less than 1 percent of the worlds best shirts.

We offer different shirts in different varieties of cotton fabric, including Giza, Pima, Supima, and Sea Island. The yarn is sourced from a local supplier and then weaved and tinted in traditional ways. Experienced Italian artisans and sewists do the tailoring of our garment all by hand.

The attention to detail and difference is immediately noticeable as Girelli Brunis shirts are by far the softest T-shirts that you will ever wear. Moreover, its superior quality is detectable even from across the room and will last for a long time.

Due to its long-staple yarn and comprehensive dyeing process, the fabric will never show pills, nor will its color fade away, and it will look just as brand new after several years. It is also wrinkle-free and does not stretch and twist, which is a testament to the stability of its material.

Since this shirt is expensive looking and highly versatile, you can pair it with a costly suit as well as with jeans, and it will still make you look and feel like a million bucks.

All you need to do is to touch a Girelli Bruni shirt and an ordinary one to know the difference. If you are curious about our products and want to know more about them, visit us at or support our Kickstarter campaign,

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Company Name: Girelli Bruni
City: Verona
Country: Italy

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