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Vibrant Blue Oils Release Their New Mental Performance Line Of Oils

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Vibrant Blue Oils Release Their New Mental Performance Line Of Oils

May 20
12:40 2020
Vibrant Blue Oils Release Their New Mental Performance Line Of Oils
Essential Oil manufacturer Vibrant Blue Oils urges consumers to be cognizant of their mental wellbeing and announces the release of their Mental Performance Line of Oils.

Our brains are in trouble. 

Dysfunction in specific parts of your brain can contribute to physical, mental, emotional, psychological, learning, or behavioral problems that present as symptoms like:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Poor focus and concentration or difficulty learning
  • Memory loss
  • Brain Fog
  • Lack of motivation, drive or passion
  • Poor brain endurance (tiring easily) while working, reading, or driving
  • Fatigue in response to certain foods or chemicals

These symptoms impact both the elderly and the young alike, especially after any kind of head injury or concussion. What is more, these early symptoms can set in years, or even decades, before any signs of neurological disease, like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

If you understand these early symptoms as warning signs, you can improve brain function and prevent and heal any damage.

What Impacts Your Brain

Our brains are being affected by a negative synergy between many elements we consider to be commonplace:

  • Poor sleep cycles
  • Increased daily stress
  • Rising levels of environmental toxins, including mold and heavy metals
  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Chronic inflammation and immune dysregulation
  • Pathogens going undetected or untreated due to misdiagnosis or ineffective treatment

All of these factors can, alone or in combination, compromise your brain’s ability to process and eliminate waste products, like toxins or cellular debris. If waste is not eliminated, it can recirculate in your brain, leading to inflammation, which further compromises your protective blood brain barrier, opening the door for more damaging material kike viruses, parasites or heavy metals to access and damage your brain. This further throws off your sleep cycles, your immune system, your hormonal balance, and your digestive function.

Here is the good news:

1. Your brain is extremely adaptable and can heal.
2. When it comes to protecting and restoring processes for healthy brain function, essential oils are succeeding where other remedies—and drugs—fall short.

Why Essential Oils Are “Essential” for the Brain?

Conventional drugs have been limited in their ability to access the brain because of the blood brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier is a highly selective, semipermeable border that surrounds most of the blood vessels in the brain, comprised of endothelial cells wedged extremely close together that protect your brain from potentially dangerous agents that could disturb brain function. It prevents all but very small, fat soluble molecules from passing into the brain. The narrow space between the cells of your blood-brain barrier are known as “tight junctions,” allowing only those small, fat-soluble molecules, and some gases, to pass freely through the capillary wall and into brain tissue. For this reason, it has been challenging, historically, to get the right remedy into the right region of the brain. Most conventional pharmaceuticals are neither small enough nor fat soluble.

Essential oils are both very small and fat soluble, making them the perfect key to unlock the healing potential in your brain – impacting how you think, feel and function.

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