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Employment Law Has Become Even More Complex Now Due To Covid-19 And New Company Policies

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Employment Law Has Become Even More Complex Now Due To Covid-19 And New Company Policies

July 01
13:32 2020

Employment law has always been a complex field that encompasses many aspects.  Especially Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas, where “big oil” and the large companies that run the oil and gas industries there, can bring a host of problems for employees.  This is where Jacqueline “Jackie” Armstrong of Armstrong & Associates, of Houston and the Energy Corridor that exists there, assists employees that experience job related problems with big oil and gas companies.  Cases are also taken outside of this arena and all employee concerns are taken very seriously in any career situation. Attorney Jacqueline Armstrong has over thirty years of professional legal experience and is well-versed in tackling problems that occur for employees who work in the oil and gas industry companies as well as other types of companies. 

Employment law against large corporations, requires high-end negotiation and litigations skills.  

Employment law can encompass issues from workplace safety, to pension issues, to discrimination, all the way up to unemployment compensation and worker’s compensation claims.  It is a rather broad field and requires years of knowledge and experience in order to represent a client in the best manner possible.  A case can end up being arbitrated successfully through negotiation or can find its way into the court system at which point litigation experience is a necessity.  Empathy for clients every step of the way is needed, and any employment law attorney must be part attorney and part “counselor” as these issues are stressful and emotional for all clients. 

Add to the mix that not only are there Federal employment regulations but also Texas state laws.

Federal laws on employment exist as do state specific laws within the government of Texas.  Wages, discrimination, overtime pay, child labor laws and workplace safety can generally fall under Federal employment laws, while the processes of Texas state laws can mandate practices on unions and the application of contracts and terms of employment.  Texas is an “at will” employee state, which does mean that an employee can be terminated at any time for any reason whatsoever, with or without any type of notice.  Even if an employee works under the protection of a union many employees do not have the skills or knowledge to effectively fight this type of decision by a company, and do not know which way they should turn when events like this occur.  It can come as a complete shock to many. 

Employees in the oil and gas industry are seven times more likely to suffer a work-related injury.

These types of jobs, are not easy, and not the safest types of jobs to be in.  The statistics on the job-related injuries are high.   An employer may be reluctant to fully compensate an employee who is injured using traditional workman’s compensation, and instead might fight an injured employee, by trying to dismiss them or have them use their FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) benefits.  Although an employee might have FMLA benefits available this is restricted in use and can use up vacation and/or sick time on an employee, who most likely would benefit more from Workman’s Compensation.  No matter which employee issue erupts around Houston, or the Energy Corridor, Attorney Jackie is ready to assist and promote justice for all employees. 

About Attorney Jacqueline Armstrong

Attorney Jacqueline Armstrong is a prestigious member of Armstrong & Associates in Texas.  She has thirty years professional legal experience with a primary focus on all types of employment law, especially when facing challenges associates with the big oil and gas companies of Houston and the Energy Corridor that surrounds Houston.  Attorney Armstrong can be reached via the website,, through phone, email or a contact form that is on the site.  Her credentials can be viewed via her profile on the site.  There is a blog, and although remote right now, a great deal of information on Covid-19 and laws regarding it in Texas exists on the top of the site.  Two offices exist.

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