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Glow Rhino Launches Tritium EDC Keychain Knife

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Glow Rhino Launches Tritium EDC Keychain Knife

July 18
01:35 2020

The state-of-the-art folding knife contains Tritium, a self-powered radioactive light source that doesn’t require batteries or an outside charge. 

After a long day at work, most people want nothing more than to go home and crash. However, when they have to rummage through their glove apartment for the house keys, they can say goodbye to a stress-free night. Glow Rhino has launched a glow-in-the-dark keychain knife that solves this problem with style. 

Named the ION, the state-of-the-art folding knife contains Tritium, a self-powered radioactive light source that doesnt require batteries or an outside charge. The high grade material is often used in gun sights, exit signs and a range of military applications that require non-invasive yet bright luminosity. The non-invasive glow allows users to illuminate a dark purse, glove compartment and even the space under car seats without blinding themselves. 

The ION features a slip joint, razer-sharp blade design made from high quality Sandvik steel, which is thicker and thus sturdier than other competitive models of its size. Additionally, it also boasts a pry feature, which can be used to turn screws, open bottles and even a stubborn can of paint. Add in the 2 XL tritium inserts, and you get maximum capability in a small package. 

Since it is also designed as a keychain, the ION can remain a steadfast travel tool/companion for busy individuals who are constantly on the go.

Our aim with Ion was to create an every-day-carry knife that can allow busy individuals to meet modern challenges head on. Our mission was to allow you to solve an apparently minor yet extremely time-consuming task with a solution that is modern, minimalist and universal. The result was the ION, an extraordinary tool that is not only capable of meeting such tasks head on, but is also self-sufficient at the same time.” – Alex, Lead Designer.

We believe that the minimalistic and sleek design of our product will bridge the gap between the current EDC community and those who have yet to join the fold. Our aim is to provide a high quality product that is not only multi-functional and can upgrade every-day carry items, but which will also last for years to come.”

Glow Rhino already has pre-production prototypes of the ION in place. The initial production run will be shipped later this month. By signing up to their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, customers can receive exclusive discounts and receive campaign updates regularly. 

To get more information about the ION and future offerings by Glow Rhino, sign up on their landing page to be one of the first to receive the ION and to receive regular updates.

About Glow Rhino

Glow Rhino is based in (Metro Detroit) and is a company that offers Tritium EDC tools and gear which glow in the dark and are designed to overcome modern challenges and emergency situations. 


Media Contact
Company Name: Glow Rhino
City: Detroit
State: Michigan
Country: United States

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