The first social podcasting platform, OmniPod makes podcasting a social experience

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The first social podcasting platform, OmniPod makes podcasting a social experience

October 06
01:54 2020
The first social podcasting platform, OmniPod makes podcasting a social experience
OmniPod is the world’s first social media for podcasters, where podcasters can create, edit and upload their podcasts and share them with their peers. The app, OmniPod, brings a whole new experience for people to create or listen to podcasts. Stay up to date with current happenings all around the world with OmniPod.

Copenhagen, Denmark – In today’s world, everyone wants to stay up to date and be in touch with what’s happening all over the world. Social media is one of the biggest sources of information today, which has created communities all around the globe. Similarly, podcasting is increasingly gaining recognition. Seeing this opportunity, OmniPod has been launched, the world’s first social media for podcasters. OmniPod gives people a new, all-in-one platform, where they can create and listen to more than 50 million podcasts worldwide. Create a community, share ideas, discuss trends; create your own podcast today with OmniPod.

OmniPod is not merely a podcasting app, it aims to change the podcasting experience as a whole. The app has been built to innovate the experience of sharing information, news, ideas, cultures and trends for all people. The founding partner and CEO of OmniPod, Trine Hoffensetz Winther says on the topic of social podcasting “In 2017 the question ‘Is social podcasting the next big thing?’ was posed. We strongly believe that it is, it just hasn’t successfully been introduced to the mass market yet. With OmniPod we strive to give everyone a voice regardless of podcasting experience, technical skills and expensive equipment. And then we want to make podcasting a truly social experience – think traditional social media but through the spoken word rather than photo and video.

Podcasting is made easier with OmniPod, anyone can record, edit and share the podcasts within the app. Other people can then listen to those podcasts and of course, just like any other social media platform, they can like, share and comment on the podcasts. This is the ideal app for people who want to empower their voices and those who have unique ideas and information and want to share them to the world. The interface has been intuitively so that even someone unfamiliar with podcasts or social media, in general, can easily navigate the app.

The launch of version1 of the app was a huge success when it was launched, and many people showed their interest in the idea. As one of the founding partners of OmniPod states “We’re extremely excited about the big interest we have seen from both potential investors and users already before the official launch. It boosts our motivation even more and we’re confident that we will succeed in revolutionizing the podcast media and the way we share content and communicate with each other.” Join the wave and enjoy more than 48 Million episodes from more than 700,000 professional podcasters sharing their ideas worldwide.

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