Sewer Line Repair Services are Available in Ballard, WA

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Sewer Line Repair Services are Available in Ballard, WA

October 13
05:06 2020
Sewer Line Repair Services are Available in Ballard, WA

Each year, the average homeowner pays between $500 and $1K for home insurance. However, there is a big issue with the standard policy—it does not cover damage caused by sewage backups.

The top cause of a sewage backup is a damaged sewer line. Even though this situation is preventable, many people do not know there is an issue. Getting to know the signs of a problem is the best way to prevent serious issues and let a homeowner know when they need to call for Apollo Plumbing professionals’ help.

Strange Odors Around the Home

Most people know that sewage has a very distinct smell. However, if it is coming through the house, it may be not easy to pinpoint. In some cases, it may smell like mildew, but it is unmistakable in other cases.

Homeowners need to pay attention to any smells around their house, especially coming from the drains. If a person smells something “off,” they should contact the professionals at Remember, if the sewer line is working properly, the smells will remain inside the sewer line. They should never be encountered in the home. If the sewer line is damaged, the people inside the house will begin to smell foul odors.

The Toilets Make Gurgling Sounds

Every toilet is going to make sounds when it is flushed. However, it should not make any sounds if no one is using it. If someone notices the sound of running water, or if bubbles appear to be coming out of the bowl, it means the sewer line may be damaged.

The bubbling that is heard is usually a precursor to sewage backing up in the home. This sound occurs when the water coming from the toilet meets a clog present in the sewer line. Because the water cannot move further into the sewer system, it is forced back into the home.

This results in air bubbles displacing the water in the bowl. If professionals from do not fix the issue, it may result in sewage in the home, which is something on one wants to deal with.

The Drains Won’t Drain

A slow-moving drain is a common plumbing problem. However, just because this is a common issue, it does not mean that the problem is not serious. Unfortunately, the only way for someone to know how bad the clog is is to call a plumber. If chemical drain cleaners are used, they may damage the pipes and plumbing system.

An Overly Green Lawn

Sewage is great for plant life around the home. It will make it green and lush. While some homeowners love the way this looks, the sewage in their yard is problematic. It means there is a leak in the sewage system. Eventually, the sewage will also wind up in the house.

When it comes to issues with the sewer line, they cannot be ignored. The longer a problem persists, the more serious it will become. The damage that raw sewage can cause is often extensive and can be expensive to repair.

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