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Paroli Releases App To Help With Free Lessons For Personalized French Accent

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Paroli Releases App To Help With Free Lessons For Personalized French Accent

October 28
00:14 2020

There are many benefits of learning a language. It is proven that it stimulates brain activity and enhances memory. Aside from that, there is the satisfaction of speaking in a foreign language. 

So the thoughtful and innovative team at SAS Paroli has created an app called Paroli for all language enthusiasts.

Paroli is a free app dedicated to helping their students perfect their French accent. They give learners all lessons & tips personalized to them and sound like a native speaker in days.

Paroli helps learners sound like a real native speaker by helping them perfect their French accent using groundbreaking AI. Improve their pronunciation and have conversations fluently! 

Why Is Paroli A Great Option?

  • Learners need to improve pronunciation when it comes to French words

  • They are frequently asked to repeat themselves

  • If learners are going to school or are applying for a new job

  • If they are insecure speaking to other people

  • If they want to speak French confidently

Paroli Helps Learners improve Their Accent

There’s a difference between speaking French and sounding like a French speaker. Pronunciation is key and with Paroli, and students will be able to nail the French dialect. 

The team at Paroli have created this application to specifically cater to helping people develop beautiful, fluent French accents. Students will no longer struggle with the language after a few lessons & exercises. 

Features That Paroli Offers

● Over 2,000 exercises!

● 60 learning modules

● Includes phonetic symbols for visual learning

● Unique & innovative AI only found in Paroli!

● Analyze accents and learn how to develop a French one!

● Sound like a real, native French speaker after training

Paroli & Artificial Intelligence

With Paroli’s innovative AI, the app will analyze students’ accents against a native speaker’s and provide them with personalized tips on how to improve. 

The cutting-edge artificial intelligence that powers Paroli is unmatched and students will see why for themselves when they pronounce finicky words like “accueillir” with ease!

With over 2,000 exercises spread over 60 different modules, including the use of phonetic symbols to help them with new words! 

Not to mention, if they find themselves stuck on pronouncing a word, the AI will identify their struggling points and will go over them with students until they nail it! 

Not only is it impressive to perfect a beautiful French accent; confidences will soar as well. Speaking a language with a natural-sounding accent allows people to express their thoughts and ideas with total ease and credibility. Go from a fluent-sounding French speaker to a native-sounding speaker. Achieve the perfect accent with Paroli for free and learn at a personalized pace today.

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