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Erick Bouaziz Offers Comprehensive Rehabilitation Treatments to Patients Struggling With Alcohol and Substance Abuse

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Erick Bouaziz Offers Comprehensive Rehabilitation Treatments to Patients Struggling With Alcohol and Substance Abuse

November 26
17:04 2020

Erick Bouaziz is a certified rehabilitation specialist focused on creating a credible and healthy environment for recovering drug addicts. With a fully-fledged treatment center, the Academy offers specialized treatment for drug addicts by providing a safe space for care and rehabilitation.

In 2015, the Academy was a beacon of hope in Toronto in urging the rapid development and rehabilitation of the youth of up to thirty years old. This age group is mostly affected due to their young age and inexperience in handling strenuous situations, leading to a dependency on substances as a coping mechanism. The Academy engages recovering addicts into over fifteen treatment options, all customized according to the patient’s needs. Recovering patients can now stay for a minimum of ninety days in the rehabilitation center to access the available treatment options and amenities they need to transition into a healthy lifestyle smoothly. The Academy also offers intervention opportunities for families and offer assistance during the evaluation process.

Erick Bouaziz is no stranger to the addict lifestyle, having walked the path before. His recovery story has transformed many individuals by engaging them to start a self-fulfilling journey to sobriety. His personal and professional experience gives his clients assurance of his authority and capability to ensure the treatment processes are rigorous and successful.

Erick Bouaziz’s passion for helping others has enabled him to do anything possible to ensure all society members can access rehabilitation resources. By applying for government funding, Bouaziz’s goal is to expand the center’s resources to accommodate more people in need. Erick Bouaziz sensitizes the need for commitment during and after the treatment process; therefore, he ensures the smooth transition of individuals into recovery houses and their daily lives.

His spokesperson says, “Erick Bouaziz is dedicated in providing the best possible treatment centre for the society having acquired the same treatment before. His primary goal in ensuring recovering addicts maintains long term and permanent recovery plan is core to his beliefs and mantra. His personal and involved approach makes The Academy stand out from the rest.”

Clients can visit Erick Bouaziz’s website to access more information regarding his journey and treatment center.

About Erick Bouaziz

With a five-year sobriety badge in his collar, Erick Bouaziz is an entrepreneur who has gone through hoops to be where he is today. The journey has not been comfortable, but he has met each hurdle with zeal and determination, propelling him to a sober and fruitful life. With a strong work and business ethic, his dedication to helping addicts become healthy and fulfilled is one of his core objectives and purpose to leave a longstanding legacy.

Media Contact
Company Name: Erik Bouaziz Inc.
Contact Person: Erik Bouaziz
Email: Send Email
Phone: 111-222-0000
Address:47 Kennard Ave
City: North York
State: Ontario M3H 4M2
Country: Canada

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