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SPCSS Adds Support for HTML Tables and Heading Anchors

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SPCSS Adds Support for HTML Tables and Heading Anchors

January 11
23:48 2021

SPCSS is a simple, minimal, classless stylesheet for simple HTML pages developed by Susam Pal, an open source developer and the author of popular open source software projects like TeXMe and Uncap. SPCSS was announced in Dec 2020. It quickly rose to popularity among web developers in the last one month. Over 2000 users have used SPCSS since its launch. The SPCSS project is hosted at where it has received over 600 stars from users. It comes with a demo page at that demonstrates the features of this stylesheet. The features include support for dark color scheme, increased line-height to add more room around the lines, grey color scheme for code blocks and several other features. All of these features come at less than 100 lines of code which makes this tool very light and quick to load on web browsers.

The initial announcement of this stylesheet by Susam Pal received mostly positive feedback from the web development community. One online comment appreciated the minimalist nature of the tool and said, “The minimal amount of CSS lines is a feature. So the idea is to create an appealing website with the minimal amount of simple CSS.” Another comment along the same lines said, “I can see it being useful as a kind of preset that’s not fancy but can help save time if you just want the bare minimum to make the site readable and focus on the content.”A comment praising the demo said, “Your demo looks nice. This is what I’d expect from browsers’ default stylesheets if these were not a tasteless disaster that nobody can stand.”

On Jan 6, 2021, Susam Pal released a new version of SPCSS, version 0.6.0, that adds new features that includes automatic anchor links for headings so that a visitor of web page can copy a direct link to a section and share it with others. The new version also adds a new style for HTML tables that make them stand out clearly on a web page. This has been the sixth version of SPCSS since its launch. With more and more web developers taking note of this tool and using it for themselves, it has the potential to promote the development of more simple and minimal text-based websites and blogs by independent web developers and bloggers.

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