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Dan Folger, The Photographer from Pittsburgh Traveling the World

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Dan Folger, The Photographer from Pittsburgh Traveling the World

January 13
18:42 2021
Dan Folger, The Photographer from Pittsburgh Traveling the World

For Dan Folger, growing up in Pittsburgh was everything because he learned a lot from that phase of his life. He got to experience life in the real sense in Pittsburgh, which included waking up and making his way to work when it was freezing outside. He used to work 7 to 3 jobs in a warehouse where the weather condition was not favorable. But he is thankful for that period of his life because he believes being around everything (the ghetto and the suburbs) helped him become a well-rounded person, which has so far helped him navigate through life’s challenges.

Folger is a 27-year-old photographer from Pittsburgh who is currently traveling the world, taking pictures and documenting everyday life and his experience wherever he finds himself. Folger describes being on tour with his team as indescribable, and so far, he has worked with recording artists such as Asap Rocky, Travis Scott, Diddy, Mac Miller, Rick Ross and more.

Dan Folger has also previously worked with recording artist Wiz Khalifa on the DayToday Web series, and at the time, they were considered by many as inseparable. Away from photography, Folger currently lives in Los Angeles, where he operates and runs his lifestyle brand called The GLD shop, which sells clothing and jewelry.

Growing up, Folger looked up to Derick G., who at a time was responsible for all of YMCMB’s (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires) photos and videos. It was around that time that Folger got a personal camera, and all he ever wanted was to be like Derick. Folger describes his style and brand as unique and admits there has been a series of changes in the past few years. He believes in consistent practice, and staying true to what he believes in or being in his lane has helped him to the point he is right now. Having carved a niche for himself, Folger says people could tell his photos apart from others, what set him apart was his famous watermark logo on his pictures that became a statement mark.

Folger believes he has a knack for starting a lot of new things. He said, “I work on multiple things at once, but that’s just me. ” Dan started to connect with his childhood friend Christian Johnston and they came up with the idea of starting GLD, a jewelry and apparel shop that has today taken the hip-hop scene by storm. Starting as a small box of merchandise in Dan’s & Christian’s parent’s basement, the company has grown into a 20,000-square-meter headquarters operating out of Miami, Florida. Today, the company has been dubbed “the Nike of Men’s Jewelry” and has closed one of the worst business years in history with over $50 million in revenue.

Folger would like young entrepreneurs to understand that nothing good comes easy. And there is a need to brace themselves for a ton of bumps on the road to success. He said, “a lot of times, you will want to quit, but you have to keep going. Taking risks is also very important. Every successful person has taken risks. It’s a must!”

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