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Singer-Songwriter Darryl Moulton’s Tribute “After the Rain” Touches a Chord with Society Grappling with the Pandemic

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Singer-Songwriter Darryl Moulton’s Tribute “After the Rain” Touches a Chord with Society Grappling with the Pandemic

January 15
17:57 2021
Darryl John Moulton is an Australian songwriter, singer, and filmmaker who’s penned a sincere reflection on how society, as he’s observed in Melbourne, Australia, has displayed resoluteness and courage in living through the pandemic, the lockdown, and the subsequent post-lockdown phase.

According to announcements released by Rainbow Song Melbourne and Darryl John Moulton, the song “Rainbow Song Melbourne – After the Rain” penned by Moulton is the singer-songwriter’s reflection on a crazy year. The song is based on Moulton’s personal experiences of coping with the 110-day lockdown in Melbourne and how citizens rallied to live through that phase of the pandemic. 

The song, already garnering views and positive comments on YouTube, was written before the pandemic arrived to turn lives upside down. Since then, it has become a metaphor for the common man’s stoic defiance to take it on the chin, share grief and happiness, reach out, and move ahead. 

The song is set to a soulful tune; the lyrics sung by Darryl John Moulton & Belinda Jenkin provide food for thought for the listener through gently unfolding verses that draw an analogy between the life-affirming rainbow and sunshine that appear after the rain and the post-lockdown energy that Melbourne in particular and NSW, in general, have shown. No doubt, the dark clouds of the pandemic that gathered over the city inflicted damage, but they’re now clearing. New rules of conduct, new ways of doing business, and a lot of hope pinned on vaccination have given people of the world the energy to pick up the threads and not let circumstances keep them down. 

Darryl John Moulton of Rainbow Song Melbourne said, “To say it’s been a crazy year is an understatement. I didn’t start the year thinking I’d be living through a pandemic, and you probably didn’t either. But along with all the crazy, there’s been a lot of kindness too.

I just happened to have written and produced a song called “After the Rain” sometime before COVID-19 was on anyone’s radar. The song was initially written about coming to terms with – and even finding a silver lining through – really tough times. 

Around the start of April 2020, the song became a bit of an earworm, and after a while, I realized the situation we found ourselves in, both locally and globally, was quickly turning into one of those tough times. Maybe the song wriggled its way in as a way of self-medicating. I’ve spent a lifetime turning to songwriting as a way of processing what comes my way.”

Watch and listen to the song here – After The Rain

Sharing further information, Moulton said, “I decided to document my own and other people’s experiences of living in Melbourne during its 110-day, stage 4 lockdown – and more recently, the reopening. I saw that others were sharing their experiences via vlogs, and as I began to put a few clips together, I started to see a kind-of documentary take-shape. I’m incredibly grateful to all the people who’ve allowed me to use their content, and it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Condolences to those who’ve lost family members to COVID-19, to those who are still struggling with the long-term symptoms we’ve heard about, I sincerely hope you get well.”

About the Site:

Rainbow Song Melbourne hosts the insight and background story of how singer-songwriter Darryl John Moulton came to write, sing, and produce the video “Rainbow Song Melbourne – After the Rain.” The song, available on the website and YouTube, is intended to celebrate life and human doggedness in the face of all calamities. 

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