Beijing Long Bao Produces Active-type Anti Epidemic “Air Purification Sterilizer” to Help Global Improve the Against Epidemic Capacity

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Beijing Long Bao Produces Active-type Anti Epidemic “Air Purification Sterilizer” to Help Global Improve the Against Epidemic Capacity

January 25
15:30 2021

Social public has attached unprecedented importance to public health, especially air health because of the impact of the global epidemic that began last year. We can rely on masks for protection when we are out, however, what better protective equipment do we have at home, besides ordinary fresh air fans and air purifiers. Recently, Long Bao Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Long Bao”) produced an active-type epidemic prevention “air purification sterilizer” to meet the above requirements, causing strong repercussions around the world.

Long Bao Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd, located in Beijing, China, was established in 2011. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in air treatment and monitoring, the company has rich technology and a number of national patents in air disinfection and sterilization, purification, monitoring and treatment. Over the years, Beijing Long Bao has carried out in-depth cooperation with relevant national research institutes, applied advanced technology to air purification products, and successfully developed the intelligent air disinfection and purification machine SSH-ZN013 and special bacterial virus detector.

Beijing Long Bao organizes with a capable professional R & D team. The researcher of the company is the technical backbone of the former State Key Laboratory. The researcher was once a visiting scholar of State University of New York and he is also a leading innovative talent in Zhongguancun. Additionally, he has won the second prize of National Award for scientific and technological progress and a number of provincial and ministerial awards for scientific and technological progress.

In fact, the air purification sterilizer has been widely used in the medical field. It can not only kill bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and other pathogenic microorganisms in the air, but also can disinfect in the presence of human activities, which is different from the traditional chemical drugs and ultraviolet radiation.

Beijing Long Bao has ever launched an active-type epidemic prevention “air purification sterilizer” using air disinfection purification and detection system, which can effectively kill bacteria and viruses in the air, and effectively remove PM2.5, VOC and other decoration pollutants in the air. On the other hand, the built-in intelligent microcomputer can control the disinfection and purification system to work automatically, and display the real-time status of indoor air quality. Additionally, the negative oxygen ion produced by the sterilizer is more than 20 million units per second, which is tens of times of that of the virgin forest, and can make the indoor air more fresh.

The product has passed the strict test of state authorized organs such as the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The results showed that the average elimination rate of Staphylococcus albus is 99.99%, which has reached the leading level in the industry.

It is worth mentioning that the active-type epidemic prevention “air purification sterilizer” also integrates the mobile phone control function. Users can realize various functions through the mobile phone app, such as controlling the working state of the disinfection and purification system, and knowing the values of special detectors for bacteria and viruses in real time.

It can be predicted that people’s need for air purification will remain buoyant under the global epidemic situation. Let’s expect Beijing Long Bao to continue to make efforts in technological innovation and product research and development, and make contribution to epidemic prevention with its high-tech and precise quality products. Finally, it will be widely recognized by all walks of life.

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