The new environment friendly products: XIKOO solar DC air cooler

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The new environment friendly products: XIKOO solar DC air cooler

March 26
13:54 2021

XIKOO Industrial Co., Ltd. has been concentrated in the development and production of energy-saving and environmentally friendly air coolers for more than 14 years. The evaporative air coolers have applied the principle of water absorbs heat by evaporation to cool air temperature down. It is an environmentally friendly product without compressors, refrigerants, and copper pipes. Moreover, it has the characteristics of low cost, bring fresh and clean cool air, convenient for maintenance, prevention of air drying, and low energy consumption. It is very popular.

Environmental problems are widespread all over the world, and environmental protection is one of the major problems facing mankind in the 21st century. Therefore, developing a green and low-carbon economy and promoting sustainable development are the inevitable choices for the future development of human society. Following in the footsteps of the times, XIKOO continues to develop and innovate, launching a series of solar air coolers, including 12v and 24v DC air coolers. There are solar window air coolers suitable for hanging outdoors in the Middle East, and vertical mobile DC solar air coolers.

Solar power generation is emerging renewable energy. When solar panel components are exposed to the sun, they will generate direct current power to charge the battery,  then the electricity makes XIKOO solar air cooler work.

XIKOO solar dc 12v/24v air cooler is the new environment-friendly product.

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