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Drastically Improve Memory the Fun Way – An AI-Powered App Launches on Kickstarter

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Drastically Improve Memory the Fun Way – An AI-Powered App Launches on Kickstarter

June 02
22:42 2021
Drastically Improve Memory the Fun Way - An AI-Powered App Launches on Kickstarter

Making The World Remember.

SOMERSET, New Jersey – memoryOS Combines Interactive Micro Lessons with an Immersive 3D Game Enabling The Mind to Keep All that Matters in Perfect Order:

memoryOS is pleased to announce the launch of their Kickstarter campaign. Using the latest eLearning technology, memoryOS consists of hundreds of bite-sized lessons making.

memorization skills accessible and joyful to master. While completing game levels, a mental blueprint is created in the person’s long-term memory, which then becomes their mental storage unit known as the Mind Palace.

Maintaining a great memory can be time-consuming, costly, and ineffective with the wrong methods. The brain isn’t “forgetting” needed information when a person needs it to because of its IQ or even their lack of focus. It is actually forgetting because they are trying to memorize without having such a skill in the first place.

memoryOS’s head lecturer and 2x World Memory Champion, Jonas, delivers an unforgettable journey when it comes to memory. Even though he has been featured in the top-tier news, he keeps himself in the background since what is terrific about his skills is that anyone can learn them. This is why, together with the memoryOS team, he is making a mind-changing memory app.

memoryOS Head Lecturer, Jonas von Essen using the Mind Palace memorization technique to win the show “The Wall.” Photo courtesy of Peter Bergström.

This ongoing mission brought memoryOS into a friendly relationship with The Stephen Hawking Foundation and recently let us begin the hugely exclusive process to implement OpenAI’s GTP-3 and Dall-E into their EdTech app, to leverage by creating high-value content for lessons, exercises, and practical use. Becoming more than just an app.

While memoryOS has been under development, a number of early adopters have participated in a training program that will become the eLearning component of the app. Based on results from the memory training program, participants have already seen significant improvements in their recall. The average improvement in recall increased by 70%, with an average increase in recall speed by 60% after one relatively short demo session.

Thanks to an ever-growing community of over 33,000 members whose support and positive feedback have been overwhelming, memoryOS is developing further and faster, implementing new desired features. More than 5000 early adopters have already secured their spot for one of the three premium plans with an upfront deposit.

Screenshots of e-learning component of the memoryOS app.

The memory improvement market is growing like never before. It is a sign that people are recognizing how essential memory truly is. Everyone has had an “I don’t remember” episode, so they already know some of the invaluable benefits of being able to remember — memoryOS goes far beyond that. And, it’s not just about the massive increase in their personal productivity. Great memorization skills for the wide public bring a positive impact on humanity as a whole. This is what memoryOS’s mission is about.

By pledging as little as $36 to memoryOS’ Kickstarter campaign, people can reserve an Annual or Lifetime membership at a substantial discount and gain early access to the demo app to get started in their Champion Memory program.

Get in touch with their PR team and they’ll be able to help with a unique article or post for the audience along with a personal affiliate link!

Let’s #MakeTheWorldRemember

Head of PR at memoryOS
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PR Specialist at memoryOS
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PR Specialist at memoryOS
[email protected]

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