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“The GearBrain” Platform Simplifies Finding Compatible Smart Devices

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“The GearBrain” Platform Simplifies Finding Compatible Smart Devices

June 04
13:48 2021

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Introducing the First Smart Search Engine for Smart Devices

Even as they grow in popularity, smart devices present a challenge to consumers – connectivity. People can become confused by how different smart products work together, and finding the right device that works with other products in the home can be a time-consuming and costly struggle. GearBrain aims to change that experience with its patent pending IoT configurator called The GearBrain.

The GearBrain isn’t just a search engine, says founder and CEO Mark Westlake, it’s a find engine and compatibility checker in one. 

The GearBrain is the first find engine designed to help people find the right smart device for their needs, and more importantly, ensure the device works with the technology they already have in their home, car or office. 

With the GearBrain, people can also find vital product information, videos, reviews and tutorials for smart devices. With a free account, users can also upload all the product information for their existing devices in the ‘My Gear’ section to ensure simplicity and connectivity every time they use the platform. It also helps users get rid of that drawer full of owner’s manuals and warranties.

Finding the right device

Searching for the best smart appliance or finding the right streaming device can be frustrating. On top of that, it’s easy to spend hours reviewing devices only to find out they can’t connect with what you already have in your home.

A recent study shows that the average home has roughly 10 connected devices. Hybrid technology setups in the home all too often lead to issues when one device doesn’t connect with the other. For instance, something as simple as a lightbulb may come with restrictions that limit its ability to work with other devices. GearBrain solves this dilemma and assures users they can find the right compatible product with ease.

Build a smart home that works

GearBrain helps you learn how smart devices work together easily, so you can install them quickly, and enjoy them, rather than spend time discovering they don’t work as you thought. This is not an easy task. Smart technology is changing so fast, and it’s also changing how people interact in their home. This trend is only accelerating as new smart devices roll out every month, including 5G products. The GearBrain find engine helps make sense of it all.

With more smart devices created each day, it’s easy to get into analysis paralysis. People want to use their hard-earned money to purchase the best devices that will make life easier.  GearBrain researches the best smart devices so you can find exactly what you want, and what will also work in your space. In the end, you home should be a place that’s comfortable, and works the way you want.

Learn from the experts

GearBrain simplifies smart home devices for people who want to enjoy them. Along with its find engine platform, there’s a team of smart device enthusiasts and experts that contribute information regularly to Visitors can browse news, product reviews and how-to content on the newest and best smart and connected devices.  

GearBrain’s experts also conduct extensive product reviews and in-depth analysis to help people make sure their devices are compatible with what they already own, and optimized for their life. Products are also tested in real-life environments to see if these new devices can deliver on their promises.

Smart devices are just that –smart. They are constantly getting more intelligent through software updates, security patches, and efficient internal hardware. It’s GearBrain’s job to stay on top of all the changes so consumers don’t have to, by regularly posting how-to content so consumers can learn more about the device they just purchased and what it’s capable of.

Our homes are getting smarter, and GearBrain’s platform and content  is designed to keep up with the constant technological advances.

Personalize the experience

The smart devices people purchase aren’t simply additional home-related appliances – they’re tools to make life more efficient.

Whether the device is something that makes homes more convenient, more environmentally friendly, or more secure, GearBrain provides the support and information consumers need to buy products that will work for their lives.

Regardless of the brand, there are details consumer can find and also store, like a smart home library they customize for themselves. With a free account, people can store all the owner’s manuals, setup guides, and service support information of their devices in one place – ‘My Gear.’ Users can customize ‘My Gear’ to suit their needs and have all of their smart device information in one place. 

A better tomorrow

With more smart devices coming out each day, it’s easy for people to get overwhelmed in making the best choices for their homes. GearBrain’s personalized platform is easy to use and full of expert advice, product reviews, and insightful how-to videos.

GearBrain takes the guesswork out of the decision-making process. They make sure consumers purchase the best product for their needs, and one that will integrate with the smart devices they already own.

Check out GearBrain’s platform and start your own journey to a better smart device experience. 

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