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SOLO Motor Controllers a new company specialized in Motor Controllers

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SOLO Motor Controllers a new company specialized in Motor Controllers

June 09
02:15 2021

“Motor controllers” are the electrical devices in charge of powering and controlling an electrical Motor inside any products. The choice of a Motor controller is a delicate task as they are complex and customized devices built around a specific Motor Type and specific use case. 

Over these premises SOLO Motor Controllers have crafted SOLO UNO, an easy-to-use and high tech Motor controller able to significantly help those who need to use a Motor within their projects and products in a large variety of use cases. 

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“As the name of SOLO suggests our goal is to deliver a Motor controller for all Motors” said Milad, one of the SOLO Motor Controllers Founders, “we want to overcome the challenges that any user needs to face when they work with electrical Motors inside their projects or products, and our ultimate goal is to offer the cutting edge technologies to our users while being simple to use and affordable” 

SOLO Motor Controllers team work with various types of Motors like DC, BLDC, PMSM and ACIM, and it provides the possibility to be controlled in environments like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Windows and Linux. The SOLO Motor Controllers team has put together a Motor controller that is easy-to- use and capable of to performing advanced task like: 

•  Auto Parameter Identification.
•  Self Tuning.
•  Sensor-based & Sensor-less Torque and Speed Control.
•  Position Control and servo driving with Encoders.
•  Multi-Core with Parallel Processing Architecture.

Designed to be Simple 

Usually when a project needs a Motor Controller for instance for a BLDC Motor a specific Motor Controller needs to be found, practiced and used, and when a different Motor somewhere along the projects needs to be added like a PMSM Motor then a new Motor Controller needs to be placed into the system, this brings a new learning process and adding work in order to be able to integrate the new Motor Controller in the project. An interesting feature of SOLO UNO is the possibility of interfacing with different Motors, so adding a new Motor in a project is less complex and time consuming, at the same time the voltage supply range of 8V to 58V and continuous output current of 32A with peak of 100A offered by SOLO UNO provides a large range of adaptability from small sized Motors to medium sized Motors. 

“We work together with our customers in order to simplify their projects, and with this collaboration we continue to improve our services and products”. The decision made by SOLO Motor Controller is clear, their goal is to simplify the use of hard processes of a Motor Controller in an advanced and professional way. 

“There are lots of possibilities for using our products and tools” Milad continues, “the user can analyses and tune our products using our online free web-app which is called Motion Terminal, or download and use our software and libraries. We also provide constant support using our Forum and inside our Youtube channel we continue to provide tutorials and explanations. All of this gives our users a lot of flexibility reducing the steep learning curve of using a Motor controller”. 

In the realization of an electronic project that also requires the use of electric Motors, any user has several possibilities regarding the environment passing from Arduino to Raspberry Pi or to make it work with Windows or Linux or even the creation of an entirely analog system and It is our duty to talk about SOLO Motor Controllers commitment to support any of these different environments 

delivering simple libraries and tools, and as our customers are constantly pushing us to add new features and increasing our supports and product range during time. 

Advanced Performances 

Under the surface of easy-to-use is clearly possible to see the power offered by this Brand, the Multi Core with Parallel processing Architecture enables SOLO to offer premium performance, 

making it very competitive with a performance improvement up to 8 times or more over conventional Motor Controllers with the same or relatively more expensive price range. We were also impressed by SOLO UNO thermal behavior, under a long working session the temperature emitted from the SOLO UNO Motor Controller was far inferior to other competitors highlighting a great optimization of how energy is used within the same product. 

Another interesting feature for us was the existence of a mini USB port on SOLO UNO which allows it to interface with a computer directly but also giving the possibility to update the same Motor controller in a simple way allowing to update the firmware of the Motor controller effectively transforming SOLO UNO into an always up-to-date product. 


For anyone who wants to make a project with Motors, SOLO Motor Controllers offers a great opportunity. Along with all the support they provide in their website, using Motors in a professional way has never been easier.

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