Safely Access Viber from Anywhere in the World with the Help of a Free VPN App

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Safely Access Viber from Anywhere in the World with the Help of a Free VPN App

September 09
23:09 2021
If there’s one good thing that came out in the existing condition is that the distance made people somewhat closer. In the midst of a pandemic, people turned to VoIPs such as Viber to connect with their loved ones, even sending messages on a daily basis unlike before. But there are current issues with the use of such messaging apps, which is why the need for a reliable VPN app is needed. To those looking for ways to access Viber safely from anywhere in the world, this article might help.

Viber is a third-party calling and messaging app that connects people no matter who they are or where they’re from. As one of the leading instant messaging apps in the world, it showcases fast and high-quality calls and texts while ensuring safety and privacy. Due to its strict encryption, no one, not even one’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the local government can see through the messages. However, for the same reasons stated, Viber became barred from public use in multiple countries.

Fortunately, there is a way to overrule this problem; those living in a region where Viber is currently blocked better take notes. This post will tackle the easiest way to bypass such restrictions; that is by using Virtual Private Network services or a VPN.

Using a free VPN for Viber

Technically speaking, a VPN is a simple software that encrypts everything that passes through its server. This then makes the data unreadable for a third-party agent to monitor and manipulate. Picture a tunnel right between the user and the internet; the tunnel is the VPN and everything that a user does while they are inside the tunnel stays in it. This includes their location and identity, therefore allowing them to infiltrate firewalls and geo-blocks without getting detected.  

To do this, the VPN masks one’s real IP address and changes it to a different one to trick the remote server, granting them an easy-access to Viber and other blocked applications. 

Download the right VPN

To get things started, one can install a free VPN app such as GoingVPN. Although free of charge, it offers a fast and safe VPN service that guarantees smooth and riskless conversations. GoingVPN provides unlimited data bandwidth and runs a military-grade security system, and has over a hundred location servers to help you unlock worldwide content, safely and anonymously. Click this link for more information.

Simply install the app and connect to a virtual server to activate. Once connected, it can unblock Viber and keep calls and texts protected whenever and wherever the user may be.

Go to the Google Play Store and the App Store to download the GoingVPN app now.

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