The National Tour Guide Short Video Contest has been fully launched, Come for Lishui Leisure Tour

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The National Tour Guide Short Video Contest has been fully launched, Come for Lishui Leisure Tour

September 13
11:24 2021

Leisure is in Lishui!

Come on, come for Lishui leisure Tour.

In September 2021, “Lishui leisure Tour” National Tik Tok Challenge was launched. The contest was jointly sponsored by Lishui Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau, Lishui Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Lishui Committee of Communist Youth League, Lishui Global Tourism Development Center, Lishui Automobile Transportation Group Co., Ltd., etc. Navigate Lishui, show beautiful Lishui!

Use the lens to record the most real, three-dimensional, comprehensive image of Lishui, navigate Lishui, all over the mountain common rich good scenery.

Lishui, located in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, was called Chuzhou in ancient times and has a history of more than 1400 years.

Ou Yezi once cast swords here, Zhang’s two brothers once burned porcelain here, Li Bai once wrote poems here, Zhao Mengfu once took Qingtian Stone here as a seal, and Tang Xianzu once wrote Peony Pavilion here …

Leisure tour is an encounter.

In Lishui,

You can “find the most beautiful coffee girl in Lishui” together with “Little Dark Cloud” in Tik Tok.

You can “take Longquan sword as cadet” together with “Royal Guards”.

You can “enjoy the green of Oujiang River in Lishui” together with “XVY”.

You can “experience the taste of your tongue in Lishui” together with punching at LetsGo”.

What kind of sparks will the Millennium ancient city collide with when it meets the trendy Tik Tok?

Traditional culture, meet the most fashionable people, what kind of excellent works will be blooming.

Leisure tour is a trip.

Lishui is known as the “Linhai in South Zhejiang”, where the Fengyang Mountain stands quietly and the Oujiang River passes through tactfully. The peak rock of Xiandu is unique, and the lake of Xiangong is full and pleasant. In Tang Dynasty, Li Yangbing was a local official in Jinyun, and wrote “Ni Weng Cave” in Xiandu. Li Bai even lingered here.

Leisure tour is a treasure hunt.

In the Thousand-Character Classic, gold begets Lishui, while jade comes out of Kungang. Coincidentally, Lishui really produces gold. You can come to Suichang to be a gold digger. Celadon of Yue Kiln, sword of Longquan, stone carving of Qingtian. Three treasures of Lishui are worthy of the name.

Leisure tour is a dream search.

Leisure is Zhuangzi’s dream. Lishui left behind Tang Xianzu’s four dreams of Linchuan. A song “Peony Pavilion”, which lasted for 400 years, is like going to a dream that is as beautiful as flowers and as beautiful as possible.

Leisure tour is a sharing.

Lishui is very old and young. Lishui is very traditional and trendy.

People looking forward to meeting leisure in the national tour guide short video contest.

Activity time:

From September 10th to October 15th, use short videos to show everyone’s moments of leisure, walking, singing and dancing with leisure, and taking a baby with leisure! Bring the topic # Lishui Leisure Tour and @ Lishui Cultural Tour with Tik Tok account, shout out the slogan “Come to Lishui leisure Tour”, and get the title and bonus of “Lishui leisure Guest”.


Short video lovers of cultural tours at home and abroad.

Work requirements:

(1) The specification of the work.

All entries must have clear pictures. The video duration shall be at least 30 seconds and no more than 2 minutes.

(2) Content requirements of works.

There must be oral broadcast content at the beginning of the work, such as: “Come to Lishui leisure Tour!”.

Entries should present rich cultural tourism resources in Lishui, publicize the themes of “ancient charm of Lishui”, “gold of Lishui”, “poetic road of Lishui”, “treasure of Lishui” and “taste of Lishui”, and show the cultural tourism features of “beautiful Lishui” such as food, beautiful scenery, beautiful lodging, beautiful village and beautiful things. The theme should be clear, positive, vivid and creative, and there should be no sensitive, vulgar, induced illegal commercial content or content unrelated to this activity.

Creative content can be imitated according to competition samples, not limited to moving shot, scenery, vlog and other forms. It is better to show the video content of scenic spots, symbolic scenic spots, humanities and food.

Entries must be original, forwarded works do not participate in the award. All legal issues related to copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, etc. of the works of the authors participating in this contest are the responsibility of the creators, and the organizer has the right to use the works of this contest.

Award setting:

(1) 1 Gold Leisure Guest Award, with a prize of RMB 20,000.

(2) 2 Silver Leisure Guest Awards, with a bonus of RMB10,000.

(3) 3 Bronze Leisure Guest Awards, with a prize of RMB 5,000.

(4) 10 Leisure Guest Nomination Awards, with a prize of RMB 1,000.

(5) Leisure Guest Experience Officer Award 75, each person will receive a 200 yuan Lishui Tourism Benefit Card (unlimited trips to 30 A-class scenic spots in Lishui for one year).

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