Aleksanteri Kivimaki, an Enthusiastic Entrepreneur, Demonstrates Unwavering Determination in Achieving Success

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Aleksanteri Kivimaki, an Enthusiastic Entrepreneur, Demonstrates Unwavering Determination in Achieving Success

October 15
00:31 2021
Aleksanteri Kivimaki proves that there are no boundaries when you have a passion for something.

Dubai, UAE – October 14, 2021 – Aleksanteri Kivimaki is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the owner and operator of AK Capital LLP, a privately held due diligence-based investment partnership. Aleksanteri, a self-starter, has been instilled with ambition and work values from a young age. He was born in 1997 in Helsinki, Finland to his father, the founder of the renowned construction company YIT Corporation, which has been producing high-quality buildings for over 40 years. Not to mention his mother, who comes from a business family and has worked as a business consultant for more than 20 years.

Aleksanteri spent his summers on his grandfather’s farm in Savonlinna. That is where he was able to learn and appreciate the effort that each individual puts in to achieve a desired result. During his time on the farm, he was frequently in charge of chaperoning children of various ages while they played games or went swimming. He was exposed to the beauty of nature, animal care, and was able to gain leadership skills at a young age. With those experiences in mind, he not only had the knowledge to interpret the ins and outs of running a successful business, but he was also able to gain hands-on experience dealing with multiple tasks and managing different personalities.

CEO Aleksanteri Kivimaki’s interest in business began when he was 12 years old, after reading an article about his beloved father and himself in a Finnish business magazine. According to the magazine, the ambitious achiever was already attending YIT Corporation’s management meetings and giving full presentations to investors. The article made Aleksanteri feel more confident and triumphant in his abilities, which made him realize how much more he enjoyed running a business.

He founded his own company three years later, at the age of 15, and he continues to serve as its Chairman to this day. UNICEF’s Children’s Business Award is just one of the many entrepreneurship projects in which Aleksanteri was heavily involved. The project provided aspiring entrepreneurs with a way to form new businesses, with profits going to children’s charities. He was fortunate to be able to travel and learn new languages, both of which he enjoyed, and this enabled him to adapt to different cultures and interact with a diverse range of people.

Aleksanteri Kivimaki currently resides in Dubai and manages his company, AK Capital LLP, where he takes investment positions based on private research. AK Capital LLP opened a 50 million euro short position in Wirecard AG, the infamous German Fintech company, at the start of the year in 2020. After Wirecard AG collapsed in June 2020, it made approximately 49 million euros in profits.

Aleksanteri took his time, planned, and realigned his focus and determination in order to cultivate his new fund, which he plans to launch in January 2022. Aleksanteri Kivimaki Properties LLP, his new fund, will invest in Romanian commercial real estate. He is convinced that the eastern European country, which is rapidly growing, offers the most appealing real estate investment opportunities in the world. He plans to invest 50 million EUR in this market and anticipates a ROL (return on life) of more than 600 percent over the next decade. Aleksanteri Kivimaki demonstrates that there are no boundaries when you have a passion for something.

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