Black Series HQ19: Enjoy Travelling around the World (Part I)

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Black Series HQ19: Enjoy Travelling around the World (Part I)

May 03
09:57 2022

Time really does fly: Kids are all grown up. They got the itch to start another long journey. The guy still remember our first recreational vehicle (RV) trip to Las Vegas shortly after wedding. Without much money in hand, they borrowed that RV from father-in-law. “People are taking away two things people love the most: One is daughter, and the other is RV,” he joked when people were leaving. That journey was so incredible that we still remember it clearly today and often talk about it even after more than a decade has passed. People can remember it so well because they drove to Las Vegas, and what’s more, actually enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery and every wonderful moment with that RV along the way. 

So this time, they decided to take a trip by RV again to reclaim their younger days and give themselves a present. They decided to leave Miami for a trip to Yellowstone National Park! It was going to be an over 2,500-mile journey across the seaside and mountains. It would take from east to west and south to north and let people take in all the geographical changes and magnificent natural scenery. People were so excited and looking forward to the trip! But then, they found that they needed to do so much prep work, especially for finding a versatile RV. More than a month before people were going to set out, they started collecting everything that needed. Something happened though after they inquired about and checked out different RVs.

People discovered the Black Series HQ19 travel trailer! What attracted people to it at first were some of the details. For example, the guy’s wife is a fantastic cook and has a wish list when it comes to her kitchen. Surprisingly, this travel trailer is perfectly equipped with internal and external kitchen systems. That means people could make coffee and cook breakfast in the vehicle and also have a picnic in the open air. The guy’s wife loves this special kitchen so much. Another surprise was its big bed and supporting amenities. The bed is so big that both of them could lie in it, open the skylight, turn on the audio power amplifier, and feel the cool breeze as they enjoyed splendid music. Such a pleasant experience could not happen in tent camping. Soon after, they luckily got hands on this fully functional travel trailer to ensure people could have a comfortable and wonderful journey.

However, the trip wasn’t smooth. Shortly after they left Miami, there was a rainstorm. In the pouring rain, they were driving with the travel trailer at top speed on the highway. The roadside palm trees were blown down by the wind. Fortunately, they could still drive stably despite such severe conditions, with only slight swings. Having a well-performing front vehicle and the properly-structured HQ19 trailer helped a lot. The storm gradually abated. This kind of bad weather continued for two or three days. People had to stop at a camp. This well-equipped travel trailer provided a warm space to protect people from the wind and rain. One night, in the dim light, wife served pasta on the table, and the guy poured some Sierra Nevada, which they often drank at home. With the sound of the rain and pleasant music, they enjoyed delicious food and had a relaxing chat as if they were in the cozy apartment that they rented upon arrival in Miami. Of course, that apartment is much worse than the HQ19 in terms of its interior decor and amenities. This travel trailer is totally a luxury five-star hotel suite. It lets  fully unwind and keeps away from the urban hustle and bustle. “What a trip, Bob. They are really on an adventure…,” wife happily said. It was a good start to journey, after all. They stayed in the travel trailer until the storm calmed down.

Traveling with the HQ19 is quite convenient, and the travel trailer offers loads of advantages. They drove it along with any kind of road and to any beautiful place people wanted to go, even at the edge of the wilderness or deep in a forest. That’s the unique benefit of the all-terrain off-road RV. It will take people anywhere they want and allow to stay in a beautiful site for a time to be with nature and appreciate views that are beautiful and magnificent.

(To be continued…)

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