ViaVista Mapping: Cemetery Mapping Difficulties and Solutions

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ViaVista Mapping: Cemetery Mapping Difficulties and Solutions

June 20
14:54 2022

Cemetery mapping is crucial; it offers stakeholders and geneologists simple access to the graves or memorials they are looking for. A cemetery plot map provides the cemetery or burial ground with a clear account of their inventory (used and available) and helps manage operations. However, mapping a graveyard or any site might present particular difficulties, the complexity of which varies depending on the age of the site and the accuracy of data.

The most optimal and convenient type of burial plot map is online and digital via a GIS cemetery mapping process. Some cemeteries provide virtual tours of their grounds; some may show you a satellite view of the grounds, while others can even offer you a gravestone photograph. Furthermore, many more forward-thinking cemeteries now include self-service kiosks where visitors may check the death records and be given a cemetery plot map with instructions to the site. They can even lead you to the specified site using Google maps incorporated into a burial plot map.

How to create a cemetery plot map: plan ahead of time and select an appropriate partner, whether community members or a cemetery software partner that can help. There will be difficulties, which we shall discuss in detail below, but there are numerous options to have your graveyard mapped.

Poor Historical Record-Keeping Or Records That Are Lacking

Unmarked graves (not always pauper graves); many cemeteries “think” an area has been utilized for burials but have no notion of specifics because the graves are unmarked. There might have been a tremendous flood of dead owing to sickness, unclaimed or paupers’ funerals, and traditionally, not all persons were buried as equals, whether for cultural, religious, or other reasons. Most cemeteries rely on paper records, which are especially vulnerable to damage and tragedy, and duplication is rare. Local community groups may be able to aid with death record documents if your cemetery records are damaged or missing. However, they would not have noted the precise plot or memorial inside the graveyard.

You can dig or excavate the site to locate graves without markers, although this is not ideal in most active cemeteries. Ground Penetrating Radar technology may also find disturbed soil and identify graves. If you are fortunate enough to have ground-penetrating radar specialists in your region, they may be able to help because this is significantly less invasive than excavating.

The Main One Is The Budget.

Everything boils down to the accuracy of your records and site designs and the size of your cemetery or cemeteries. Preparing all of the information required for graveyard mapping may be expensive and time-consuming. However, as with many technological innovations, GIS cemetery mapping is becoming more widespread, accessible, and affordable.  After GPR cemetery mapping and GPS cemetery mapping, the field collection data must be uploaded to a GIS cemetery mapping platform. The information is then used to generate an overlay for anything referenceable, such as Google Earth satellite images. However, the detailed attribute data for those interred must be collated with each plot and monument location, and most of this labor must be done by skilled GIS technicians. So the work may be massive, but it can be scaled up with the help of technology. Nonetheless, in many cases, cemeteries have conducted creative fund-raising efforts in their communities to acquire the funding for investing in a GIS cemetery mapping solution.


An interactive cemetery map will generate new interest in and access to your cemetery. It will bring new visitors and prospective consumers to your cemetery. As a business, you will have a detailed inventory list and will be able to maximize the space available on your grounds. There are various distinctions between how to create a cemetery plot map and GIS cemetery mapping applications that can help. The people in your community are also eager to donate their time to assist you in identifying unmarked graves, transcribing records, hunting for missing documents, or doing anything else you need to do in preparation for cemetery mapping services.

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