NFT Art to Bring Beauty and Light Back into the World

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NFT Art to Bring Beauty and Light Back into the World

July 06
22:34 2022

Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for! NYM studio is launching two of its biggest NFT collections – Bliss and Crypto Legends. These collections will allow NYM Studio to collaborate with like-minded individuals in creating a better environment for our world and its inhabitants, which will have strong holders utility.

Early holders will get special benefits such as Airdrops and discounts on both mystic and land metaverse assets. Studio club benefits like Giveaways, Utility tokens, NFTs, and access to the Alpha club for valuable market insights.

The world is a beautiful place with beautiful people. Every day is an opportunity to celebrate the bliss of the world and its inhabitants with endless possibilities to inspire others, protect and maintain the magnificence of human beings and our natural world. Thus, inspiring the creation of the Crypto Legends and Bliss Collections.

NYM studio is collaborating with like-minded individuals to meaningfully impact the world with positive energy and vibrations by creating an intellectually stimulating environment . This becomes clearer when joining their Twitter Spaces events.

Additionally, through art and charitable donations, these collections will encourage environmental activism. Holders will be able to support projects like environmental cleanups, energy-efficient agriculture, protection of endangered animals, reduction in carbon footprints, and many more. These collections will also elevate human intellect and its wondrous creations.

So what are these NFTs about anyway?


Bliss is a collection designed to illustrate the boundless beauty of our natural world. Nature is known for its grace and a wide variety of natural phenomena. Somewhere along the line, humans began to take that blessing for granted and began to endanger the natural wonders. 

Bliss was created to remind everybody of the magnificence of our world. Bliss encapsulates nature through a collection of 99 unique mystical and ethereal pieces. Each piece represents the majesty of nature and encourages everyone to take care of our planet.

Crypto Legends:

The world is full of legendary people. All of them have a light within. When that light is properly nurtured, it has the power to transmit positivity. Crypto Legends is the NFT collection that represents the inner beauty of mankind. This Male and Female NFT collection captures the pure essence of humans in 9,999 unique pieces.

Stay tuned as both Bliss and Crypto Legends will be launching from August to September. Persons interested in owning one of these NFTs can simply visit the website for more information. Anyone interested can follow NYM Studio on Twitter, and Discord.

Additionally, take part in one of two initiatives: Creative submissions or become an Environmental Champion to win various prizes. Visit the website or Discord community for the full details of these initiatives.

Join the movement to collaborate on building a more eco-friendly and enlightened planet.

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