Can Razor Barbed Wire Be Used In Parks And Zoos?

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Can Razor Barbed Wire Be Used In Parks And Zoos?

October 20
18:36 2022

Can Razor Barbed Wire Be Used In Parks And Zoos?

Plastic painted razor barbed wire is a piece of knife-shaped barbed wire rope after manufacturing, after rust protection processing and formed, razor barbed wire should have a good rust-proof periphery, peripheral processing should look good, and can be good practical value, more convenient to install, more cost-effective and some other advantages.

General in the fence is usually installed spiral razor barbed wire, and spiral razor barbed wire is divided into single spiral and double spiral two, single spiral production process without snaps, installed in accordance with the natural shape of the installation. Double spiral production process by the snap every two razor roll cage between the connection, forming a snake belly net, can be simple and quick installation in all the top of the fence, but also in zoos and parks and other places to install.

The zoo is to collect and raise a variety of animals, scientific research and relocation protection, for public viewing and scientific popularization and propaganda protection education places. The zoo has two basic characteristics: one is the raising and management of wild animals (non-poultry, livestock, pets and other domesticated animals), the second is open to the public. In line with these two basic characteristics of the place called zoos, including aquariums, zoos and other types of special categories. The basic function of zoos is the comprehensive protection of wildlife and conservation education for the public.

Barbed wire installation in parks and zoos, on the one hand is to prevent outside people climbing into the place, on the other hand, also the internal management of the place and the quality of personnel, to get a better improvement, to bring stability and peaceful living environment.

The Role Of Galvanized Square Tube

A rectangular tube is a square-shaped body of pipe, also known as a steel refrigeration bent profile, cold-drawn or press-rolled aluminum thin-walled steel pipe. Rectangular tube specifications are expressed in terms of side length and wall thickness for welded steel tubes, also known as welded tubes; seamless steel tubes are made from ingots or solid billets that are perforated to form a burr tube and then hot rolled, cold rolled or cold dialed.

Galvanized square tube is a name for square pipe and a common name for galvanized pipe, which is based on q195, q215, or ss400. It is mainly used in the construction industry for curtain walls, steel structures, and mesh frame projects.

So what is the role of galvanized square tube? What is the role of galvanized square tube.

1、It is used for various metal structural parts, sheet metal parts in vehicle manufacturing.

2、It can be used for stamping parts in mechanical processing.

3、It can be used to make decorative iron flowers and furniture.

4、It can be used for bicycle handlebars, auto parts, etc.

5、It can be used for various steel pipes for skeleton of greenhouse and livestock warming shed in agriculture.

6、It can be used as various anticorrosive pipes in offshore oil drilling platform and ship industry as well as welded structural parts in the field of building steel structure.

7、It can also be used as steel conduit for sprinkler irrigation on agricultural machinery.

8、Widely used in machinery manufacturing field such as automobile parts, home appliance parts, etc.

9、Mainly used in the construction industry, especially in high-rise civil buildings, the steel structure frame erection (also known as “piling”) is made of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe frame bed.

10, because the hot dip coating operation is carried out in the outdoor, easy to be corroded or rust! So many customers choose cold-drawn or cold-rolled steel!

11、General use seamless steel pipe manufacturing process to produce.

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