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Dan Mount Releases Latest Free Marketing Book For Dental Practices – “Secrets to Attracting & Converting More High-Value Patients” For Dentists Looking for More Profitable Cosmetic & Restorative Cases

Dan Mount shares secrets to attracting & converting more high-value patients. He reveals how you can be the top “go-to” dentist for high-value procedures like implants and smile makeover cases

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TV News: The Top Five TV Shows on Amazon Prime Right Now are Sizzling with Thrilling Action, Grit and Surprising Speculative Fiction

In these changing times audiences are swarming to entertaining escapist TV Shows filled with thrilling gritty action, wit and sci-fi elements as seen in Amazon Prime Video’s Top 5 TV

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New PerfectLum 4 with Apple iMac 27″ received FDA clearance. This bundle will help medical facilities to meet Quality Assurance Guidelines for diagnostic monitors

Wilmington, DE – September 12, 2020 – QUBYX is releasing a new version of its DICOM calibration and display quality assurance (QA) software PerfectLum with the Apple 5K iMac 27”

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Chrome The Series – Watch the Dark Thrilling Trailer of the Best New Gritty Action TV show on Amazon Prime

Above: Katie Erin Tomlinson as slavebot turned vigilante superhero in the fresh comic on film series – Chrome The Series on Amazon Prime. Pendragon Pictures set the internet on fire

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Pro Tec Garage Door Repair Austin Began Offering Low-Cost Tracks Repair For All Types Of Garage Doors

Pro Tec Garage Doors, a forerunning garage door service provider, has launched low-cost tracks repair for all types of garage

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2x Bestselling Authors Release Product Management’s Sacred Seven: The Skills Required to be a World-Class PM

SEATTLE – Two-time bestselling authors Parth Detroja, Neel Mehta, and Adi Agashe have released their highly-anticipated new book, Product Management’s

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Garage Door Repair Pro’s Phoenix Offering New Garage Door Installation Services

Garage Door Repair Pro’s Phoenix, a major entity in the garage door services industry, is now providing new garage door

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Qmolding: China’s Number One Choice For Injection Molding Services

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 – KUNSHAN, JIANGSU – QMolding, the number 1 standard and most reliable plastic injection company that delivers

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The Stretch Boss, Tina Rivera Introduces Stretch Therapy to Help People Treat Soreness, Inflammation, Edema and Body Pain

Tina Rivera: The Stretch Boss Tina Rivera, a renowned recovery specialist yet professional stretch therapist that is widely known for

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Retired Business Executive, B.T. Polcari, Launches Cozy Mystery Book

Against My Better Judgment, is a New Adult Cozy Mystery novel by first-time author, B.T. Polcari. It will be available

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September 2020