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Five Ten Brings Message Of Unity With Latest CD “New World”

San Francisco, CA – San Francisco Bay Area-based World Jazz band “Five Ten”, a versatile, talented group of musicians proudly presents its latest CD, aptly entitled “New World”. Amidst the

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Meatball-Zero Group announces 70 Years of Delicious Service

Los Angeles Legends Celebrate Septuagenarian Success. This week, the Meatball Zero Group announced a wide range of new promotions for their 70th anniversary. In honor of the big milestone, Co-CEOs

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Hennessey Digital Offers Jeff Bezos a Job in Link Building (aka ‘Digital PR’)

North Hollywood, CA – Now out of a job after stepping down as Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos is in the market for employment—and legal marketing leaders Hennessey Digital are looking

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BANG BANG Tattoo artist, Bryan Gutierrez, is New York’s “Modern Day Mozart”

Extremely fine details a floral lion tattoo. Bryan Gutierrez, also known as Bryan Gee, designs some of the most beautiful tattoos in the country. His artistry has reached a whole

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The 2021 Kumar Patel Prize in Laser Surgery is Awarded to Dr. Richard Baxter and Dr. Christopher Winkler

The American Laser Study Club (ALSC) awards the 2021 Kumar Patel Prize in Laser Surgery to the following highly accomplished and respected

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Combs Premier Realty Group Expanding into Miami and Atlanta

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. – February 3, 2021 – Combs Premier Realty Group, the largest African American-owned real estate brokerage in

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Up and Coming LGBTQ Artist Blonde Sherese Impresses With Her Inspirational Music

Groove to the fearless beats of Blonde Sherese’s latest album, ‘Underneath’ and watch it take your breath away! Stream the

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Say Good-Bye To Exhaustion & Foggy Feeling, Consume These Superfood Powders For A Life-Changing Experience

Sustainable Vegan Superfood brand created by exhausted young mother goes viral. Reduce vitamin deficiencies with these plant-based Superfoods. Boosting the

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Renowned Stylist Tammy Carraway Elevates the C17 HAIRSTUFF Brand

C17 HAIRSTUFF is designed to not only hydrate hair but prevent hair loss too. With over fifteen years of style

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LikeMeNine Caters to Black Women with Handcrafted Beauty Goods

Handmade products showcasing the beauty of black women are now available nationwide from a female entrepreneur with talent and vision.

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February 2021