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Magnapot introduces innovative mini garden and organizer

Magnapot is a dynamic, classy mini garden magnetic planter that can also double up as a desk organizer, a lovely art piece, cute water container, and more.  San Francisco-based Magnapot

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Petite USA Pageant Celebrates 10-year Anniversary with 2021 National Pageant

Beauty pageant for petite women puts underrepresented women on national stage. The Petite USA Pageant celebrated its tenth anniversary with its National Beauty pageant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this past March.

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JaScott Debuts New Construction Lease-To-Own Home Program.

Lease-to-own new construction homes perfect for self-employed renters. July 27, 2021 – JaScott is an innovative real estate, lifestyle, and financing company Focused on bringing well-built homes to inner-city communities

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M.E.P. Con. Ed., LLC. Online Offers User-Friendly Platform For Tradesmen Seeking Continuing Education

M.E.P. Con. Ed., LLC. lets tradesmen keep abreast of changing state codes to remain competitive in their field. Every two to three years, state codes are updated. Tradesmen who work

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Deepfakes Web and Ethical AI Deepfake Technology

A huge advancement for deepfakes in digital art, marketing, and more. July 27, 2021 – As deepfakes get more popular

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Customer Data Platform Industry Accelerated During Pandemic: CDP Institute Report

MILFORD, CT – July 27, 2021 – Customer Data Platform (CDP) vendors grew at a record pace during the first

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Film and Music Mogul is on the Rise, Jennifer T. Conerly Loves Chasing Creative Sounds, Turning Weird Ideas into Films

Those searching for the next film and music mogul on the rise should look no further than Jennifer T. Conerly,

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TranhdaquyChiCuong – The company produces the most prestigious and top quality gemstone paintings in Vietnam

TranhdaquyChiCuong is a company with extensive experience in painting. We have built and established the company since the beginning of

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Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Makes Online Personal Training Fun, Accessible, and Sustainable

Delivering interactive, in-depth, and customized online fitness and nutrition coaching from experts to clients’ mobile devices. Not all online workout

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Andrew Kuhn of ADK Is Helping Clients Quit Their Jobs In 2021

A young entrepreneur dedicated to one-on-one forex coaching. July 27, 2021 – Somehow, the “American Dream” now means living paycheck

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