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BMD will change the entire Cryptocurrency World

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BMD will change the entire Cryptocurrency World

February 04
13:42 2020
BMD will change the entire Cryptocurrency World

Extraordinary good news, extraordinarily good news, in the competition-inspired blockchain industry, BMD products are officially launched. This is a professional cryptocurrency team. They allow everyone in the world to mine and get BMD for free. The opportunity is not to be missed Hurry up and grab it!

BMDCOIN achieves the free circulation of global currencies through point-to-point transactions without relying on any banks and regulators. BMD will help more people understand and use BMD through free mining, and then use BMDCOIN to solve their financial problems, financial problems, and other social contradictions.

BMD’s team comes from major Internet companies, and users have rich development experience. Now BMD can let everyone participate for free. This is really good news for Tianda because BMD has been practicing 300 million poverty in the world. The population provides inclusiveness and opportunity.

Let’s take a look,Why can BMD subvert the entire cryptocurrency world?

First of all, from the perspective of different cryptocurrencies, the coordination and value protection of Bitcoin stakeholders The main goal of BMD governance is to adjust the main stakeholders of Bitcoin by creating rewards that are completely consistent with their current activities. This concept is directly reflected in its core architecture, in which Bitcoin miners provide proof-of-work blocks, hashing functions required for verification, and industry leaders (exchanges, wallets, and payment processors) are integrated to create verification checkpoints and sign Federal for redemption transactions, two-way linked. Most importantly, BMD decided to improve its platform based on the voting system, with miners, industry leaders, Bitcoin / BMD holders and core developers making the final decision. In the following paragraphs, we describe how this incentive works!

Every participant in the community has the expertise to provide the best service to the community: exchanges and web wallets know how to protect Bitcoin savings, and miners know how to implement large-scale mining operations to ensure user transactions. The BMD core team innovates in new use cases and new use cases to make dreams come true. Core developers have the technical expertise and know-how to deal with upcoming technical challenges. Node maintainers provide infrastructure and network connections. The user is the core of the system and provides Trust and liquidity. The BMD governance model refers to the governance committee representing all participants in the community by providing a five-seat governance committee. Miners will be able to vote with the hash government (1 vote), Bitcoin and BMD users will vote through Proof of Stake (1 vote), exchanges and web wallets will vote through the federation (1 vote). BMD and Bitcoin core developers will have a special threshold voting system (1 vote), and the last vote will be provided to a non-profit Bitcoin institution, such as the Bitcoin Foundation, which can represent a wider ecosystem. If it is a representative of the Ethereum community, it can also provide institutional voting to the Ethereum Foundation.

Looking at the value of BMDCOIN from the application scenario of BMD, micro-payment channels and Hub-and-Spoke network micro-payment channels allow both parties to make secure, regular low-value payments without having to pay for each payment, but the channel is closed only once. The Hub-and-Spoke network allows users who do not trust each other to use payment channels to indirectly use payment channels for low-cost one-time payments with the lowest level of trust. BMD allows Hub-and-spoke networks to be implemented directly with minimal hassle and to interface with standard electronic wallets locallyPoint-to-point distributed switching using the TierNolan protocol, BMD supports contracts that serve as a point-to-point exchange. You can also easily create automatic matches in your order book. This allows distributed markets to surpass independent blockchains and exchange crypto assets without a third party. Retail payment systemBMD allows BTC to be used for retail transactions worldwide. One of the main restrictions on the use of Bitcoin retail is its confirmation time (from 10 minutes to 1 hour to ensure irreversibility). BMD allows consumers to benefit from Bitcoin security in a matter of secondsSex. Merchants can accept payments immediately without a third-party gateway. Another key factor in the success of any platform in the retail market is the ability to support large numbers of transactions per second (tps). BMD network uses DtCOR + protocol, which allows processing up to 300tps through Bitcoin blocks (YesPaypal twice).

From the above, we can clearly find the fact that the value of BMD is gradually expanding, and it is more hopeful that more people will accept and use it, so we are very confident that BMD will create a new miracle!

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