Kim Trong Phat Energy Are The Leading Solar Energy Battery Suppliers in Vietnam

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Kim Trong Phat Energy Are The Leading Solar Energy Battery Suppliers in Vietnam

February 10
21:28 2020

Dien nang luong mat troi is a renewable energy source from the radiation of the sun. This is a clean and abundant energy source that is being exploited as well as applied in Vietnam and is a trend of energy development in many countries around the world. In which, photovoltaic technology is being popularly applied to apply solar energy, gradually meeting the demand for electricity for households, buildings, industrial production units as well as sharing. pressure on the national grid.

Kim Trong Phat Energy is proud to be the leading and reputable solar battery supplier in Vietnam in general as well as Binh Duong and the Southern region in particular. We supply mono, poly batteries with power from 3W to 380W.

Solar batteries, also known by other names such as photovoltaic cells, solar cells are devices that convert solar energy into electricity that helps us operate machinery, equipment, and daily activities.

Indicators such as voltage, voltage, the resistance of the generated panels will vary depending on the amount of light shining on it.

Typically a solar panel will have 60 to 72 cells (photovoltaic cells) assembled. A solar panel has an average lifespan of up to 30 years.


Dien nang luong mat troi has been active in the Binh Duong province of Vietnam for almost 20 years. Their invaluable level of specialized knowledge that they have built over the years has shined through quite exceptionally with all the growth and successes they have experienced. However, the firm believes that none of it would have been possible if they didn’t keep their core values, mission and vision intact. With these factors almost exceptionally in tow, there is no doubt to the fact that further consequential instances for the company shall continue in perhaps the best ways imaginable.    

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