Shield Defenders Launches to Fight and Support for Fair Legal Justice System

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Shield Defenders Launches to Fight and Support for Fair Legal Justice System

February 26
20:38 2020
Shield Defenders Launches to Fight and Support for Fair Legal Justice System

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Feb 26, 2020 – Shield Defenders is now going live, launching as an organization that aims to help black minorities with the legal injustice system. Founded by Markist Athelus, the organization aims to offer legal support to local communities throughout the country as they prove against systematic racism, police brutality, unlawful arrest and Wrongful Convictions.

This February, every minority honors the Black History Month for the 94th time after Professor Carter G. Woodson started the tradition as “Negro History Week” all the way back in 1926. It’s now the time of the year where black people reflect on the African American folks that came before them. These men and women have suffered all sorts of injustices, inequalities, and prejudices in the name of life and survival so that they could feel the same privileges that people of non-African descendants experienced daily in the early makings of America.

Shield Defenders aims to offer the ultimate peace of mind every black person needs when dealing with legal concerns. Peace of mind is all about the comfort knowing their Rights Will be protected with sound legal Presentation, so they concentrate on living life to the fullest and not living in constant fear of Law Enforcement and the Legal Justice System.  

When dealing with law enforcement or other stressful legal situations, having an attorney at their own disposal can help avoid unlawful arrests, and even be the difference between life and death. The programs offered by Shield Defenders are designed to provide a high-quality and effective legal presentation to common Black and other minority Americans at an affordable price.

According to Markist Athelus, “Our organization truly believes in a community-centered methodology. We aim to offer all-inclusive technical and legal services to black people and other minority groups so they can get access to a high-quality private attorney at a very low price. We want to stop the unfair practice, stop unnecessary police Altercations, and bring fairness in the legal justice system. We strive to put an end to police brutality, Unlawful arrest and wrongfully convictions, by leveraging the plain field and empowering our members the ability to say, “Talk to my Attorney.””

They offer top-notch services to their customers for a very fair price. As a subscribing member of Shield Defenders, clients will receive a letter of representation. In case they do get an arrest, Shield Defenders will offer clients with a free consultation. Not to mention that they will have a thirty-five percent discount from their network of lawyers and attorneys for all their services. Ultimately, clients will receive unlimited legal advice from a private lawyer.

The organization takes pride in its network of lawyers that aims to help local communities within the region in urgent legal needs as well as long-term impact litigation. Their professionals strive to educate the black community, teach them the best way to handle law enforcement. Shield Defenders is created to bridge the gap between the black community and law enforcement by providing Educational workshops and seminars around the Country.

About Shield Defenders

Shield Defenders is an organization founded to provide peace of mind to the black and other minority community by stopping unfair legal systems.

To learn more about Shield Defenders, send him an email at Markist Athelus at [email protected]. Visit their official website at to find out more about the services they offer.

Media Contact
Company Name: Shield Defenders, LLC
Contact Person: Markist Athelus
Email: Send Email
Phone: 813-856-9160
Country: United States

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