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Norman Bechtel, aka iAmMoneyMoves, A Famed Celebrity Photographer, Promoter, and Podcaster, Makes Waves Working With Music Industry’s Biggest Talents

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Norman Bechtel, aka iAmMoneyMoves, A Famed Celebrity Photographer, Promoter, and Podcaster, Makes Waves Working With Music Industry’s Biggest Talents

April 07
14:37 2020

7 April, 2020 – Baltimore, MD – Norman Bechtel, better known as iAmMoneyMoves, is an American Internet personality, podcaster, and celebrity photographer who covers the biggest celebrities, celebrity news, and music events in the music industry. Promoting concerts, record labels, musicians, actors, athletes, and brands as an American Internet personality, the Baltimore-based talent is using his creativity and artistic abilities to craft the perfect image for music’s biggest names and brands. Highly-acclaimed for working with artists like Yung Inkky, Bama Boy, and T Savage, iAmMoneyMoves outstanding results have taken him to the largest events, concerts, and festivals in music happening around the country. 

While traveling to support the industry’s biggest names, iAmMoneyMoves is also known for running a popular YouTube channel show called “Money Moves,” hosted by COMP, a former DefJam rapper, and video game character. On “Money Moves,” a podcast-style show, iAmMoneyMoves delivers interviews with industry artists and local talent to a global audience while bringing firsthand knowledge of the music industry. Having built an extensive fanbase, fans rave about his professional coverage of the biggest news and events. Tune in for a renowned experience that is also helping artists make a name for themselves so they can grow their brands and fanbases worldwide, and learn the information you need to know from industry signed artist.

Successful from a young age, iAmMoneyMoves became an industry insider early in life and is now well-known across the music industry and the Internet. Generating extensive media coverage from dozens of articles, which document his success as an American internet personality, celebrity photographer, podcaster, and promotor who has worked with the biggest names in music, his rise that began with local talents in Baltimore, Maryland, and continues to be written across the country. iAmMoneyMoves pours a deep passion for music into his work, being backstage and on-stage with artists for their performances, documenting their many talents with professional celebrity photography and media coverage. Achieving great success with his balance of charisma, creativity, tenacity, and hard work, iAmMoneyMoves brings out the best in others by using his raw artistic and creative talent, determination, and glamour to capture people’s personalities and talents and to speak directly to audiences and fans worldwide, through his camera work and media.

“I enjoy being able to take one small moment in time and freeze it forever,” added iAmMoneyMoves while discussing the power of photography. “Photography is an art that captures the action in real-time and can take you back to that time in your and evoke strong emotions even years or decades later.”

The official photographer for Yung Inkky and T Savage, iAmMoneyMoves engages with a loyal fanbase of his own, which includes over 11,000 followers on Instagram @iAmMoneyMoves. With fans acknowledging his provocative, charismatic, and creative style, people follow IAmMoneyMoves to show their love and appreciation for his celebrity photography, and his messages of perseverance, grit, and determination.

About Norman Bechtel

Norman Bechtel, better known as iAmMoneyMoves, was born on August 29, 1990, in Baltimore, Maryland. An American Internet Personality, Podcaster, and Celebrity Photographer, he is best known for being the creator of YouTube channel iAmMoneyMoves which features podcast-style uploads hosted by C.O.M.P, for shooting photography for concerts, and getting the inside scoop and media access to the Hip-Hop industry’s biggest news and events. 

An industry-leader, iAmMoneyMoves has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Cardi B, MoneyBagg Yo, DaBaby, Yo Gotti, Meek Mill, Megan Thee Stallion, Marshmellow, Mariah Lynn, Johnny Blaze, Dave East, T Savage, Caskey, Young Moose, Yung Inkky, Bandhunta Izzy, Redman, Method Man, Waka Flocka, Creek Boyz, Test, C.O.M.P, and Certified Platinum Engineer Nate Middleman. His talents have brought him across the country to concerts and festivals, including Moonrise Music Festival, Charm City Smoke Fest, Frozen Harbor Music Festival, and South by Southwest. He additionally supports talents nationwide as a social media consultant and has worked with clients such as Mike Khoury and Chrisean Malone.

To learn more about Norman Bechtel, aka iAmMoneyMoves, please visit Additionally, connect with iAmMoneyMoves on Instagram @iAmMoneyMoves, or at IAMMONEYMOVES on YouTube, and follow his story at #iammoneymoves #moneymoves.

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