Waltere Koti’s newly released game changing book tackles the fear-anxiety factor – An overlooked component in the Corona Virus pandemic debacle

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Waltere Koti’s newly released game changing book tackles the fear-anxiety factor – An overlooked component in the Corona Virus pandemic debacle

April 09
14:38 2020

BALTIMORE, MD – April 9th, 2020 – Waltere Koti, author of the newly released game changing book, “Understanding and overcoming your emotional issues,” tackles emotional issues like loneliness, fear, anxiety, depression, stress and more, tied to Covid-19. This book is nicknamed, “the emotional manual.”

As the world faces an unprecedented level of uncertainty as a result of the Corona Virus global pandemic, governments around the world are scrambling to minimize the economic impact by introducing several stimuli into the economy. Among them, unemployment insurance, canceling of student loan debt, the massive 2 trillion dollars economic package and much more.

Social-distancing is also being implemented by governments around the globe to curb the spread of this global pandemic. Entire nations around the globe have been quarantined. Travel in and out most countries have been suspended indefinitely and in some countries, you can be arrested and detained for disobeying orders to stay at home unless you are an essential employee.

While the economic and sociological impact of this global pandemic are extremely important, the psychological impact has been completely ignored by the media and governments alike and as a result, people are alone as a direct result of social-distancing, unemployment, furloughs, slow economic activity. As a result of these factors; fear, anxiety, loneliness, stress, depression has gripped this nation and the world at large like never before.     

Some will argue that governments are not in the business of addressing psychological impact stemming from health and economic crises. During the period commonly known as, “the great depression,” from 1929-1933 and beyond, the nation was gripped with unprecedented levels of fear, as the economy shrunk by 50%, half of all U.S Banks failed; unemployment rose to 25%, housing prices plummeted 30% and it took 25 years for the stock market to recover.

President Franklin D Roosevelt faced with a nation in economic decline and fear, penned this famous line in his inaugural address, “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” The President of the United States did indeed address the psychological needs of the Nation. The truth is that people are scared to death and their fears and emotional issues needs to be addressed as well and my book addresses these emotional needs.

About Waltere Koti

An accomplished author, theologian, speaker, certified clinical chaplain, certified pastoral counselor and author of the game changing book, “Understanding and overcoming your emotional issues.” Counseled thousands over the years and written extensively on these issues.

Book available on Barns and Noble and wherever books are sold globally!

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