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Electromedical Technologies’ Next-Generation Bioelectric WellnessPro Devices Target Massive $44 Billion Market Opportunity

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Electromedical Technologies’ Next-Generation Bioelectric WellnessPro Devices Target Massive $44 Billion Market Opportunity

June 04
23:50 2020
Electromedical Technologies' Next-Generation Bioelectric WellnessPro Devices Target Massive $44 Billion Market Opportunity

Innovation is the champion of industries as well as companies. It’s the lifeblood of survival and can illuminate the brightest of companies, especially those that are creating multi-generational products and services that generate value for consumers. Electromedical Technologies (OTC: ELCQ) is a prime example of the latter.

Electromedical Technologies is on a mission to elevate a new era and category of medicine that can change the way people are treated for chronic pain management by exploring a new frontier called “Bioelectronics.” At the same time, they are pioneering a treatment regime that the Company believes will become a mainstream practice in the not too distant future.

Bioelectronics brings with it a new standard of treatment that can safely use electrical signals to replace pills, injections, and patches that cause multitudes of unwanted and unexpected side effects to combat chronic pain.

Electromedical Technologies’ Wellness Pro is leading the charge to unlock the body’s natural ability to achieve wellness and better health by using energy, frequency, and vibration. Further, by succeeding in their mission, this small-cap company can bring life-changing results to patients and help usher in the new era of bioelectric medicine.

Fielding The Pain Epidemic

Although the pharmaceutical industry has implanted itself into the daily lives of people globally, a worldwide and coordinated effort is in place to reduce prescription drug abuse and opioid addiction. With an estimated 1.5 billion people worldwide suffering from chronic pain.

However, Electromedical Technologies is engineering change. “Bioelectronics,” a significant and developing field of “electronic” medicine that uses safe electrical impulses over the body’s neural circuitry to relieve pain – without drugs is the future of medicine.

Their premise is born from the knowledge that the human body is controlled by electrical signals sent through the nervous system, which can become distorted after accidents or as the result of a disease. Electromedical Technologies believes Bioelectronic medicine may ultimately have the ability to safely correct irregularities in the nervous system by modifying the electrical language of the body related to pain relief. 

The Company has been developing and manufacturing bioelectronics since 2004, making them no stranger to the science or the technology. Their WellnessPro product line has been changing the lives of thousands of its users for more than a decade by bringing portable, effective, and lasting relief from chronic pain. Their FDA-cleared, CE-marked, SGS, and Cofepris certified Wellness Pro products, are simple to use and offer treatment flexibility with the proprietary algorithm and rotating frequencies.

Side by side comparisons against other available E-Stim devices, in fact, put the WellnessPro line of products on a pedestal. A long list of advantages leaves most competitive products looking just like what they are – first-generation products that have not caught up to market innovation. And, the distance between the WellnessPro line of products to its competitors is increasing.


Competition is good. It keeps the markets interesting, but it also keeps the leaders, like Electromedical Technologies, centered on innovation. It also keeps them focused on companies like Google (NasdaqGS: GOOG) and GSK (NYSE: GSK), which have invested a combined $1.5 billion into the electroceutical market.

Here is what Dr Kevin Tracy head of Galvani Bioelectronics a Google and GalaxoSmithKline company says about the New and emerging field of Bioelectronics.

Video Link:


The focus of the Google and GalaxoSmithKline partnership is developing implants, which are invasive and can be unpredictable from a user data standpoint. Electromedical Technologies is staying loyal to proven non-invasive, non-toxic products that are cleared through the FDA per a 510(k) review process.


Differentiating itself from competitors like Google and GSK, the company is leveraging its proprietary technology in the WellnessPro Plus™, which is based on its unique energy delivery system called DeepPulse™. DeepPulse™ delivers a low voltage current to treat Chronic pain. The company believes it can provide longer-lasting and more effective pain relief than many drugs and other products on the market. Moreover, the WellnessPro line has generational staying power and proof of design and utility.


The first WellnessPro™ received FDA clearance on July 6, 2007, as a Class II Medical Device. It’s 510(K) approval was explicit in labeling its intended use of the WellnessPro™ for the treatment of chronic intractable and acute pain, and as an adjunctive treatment for post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain.


Electromedical Technologies also intends to protect its competitive advantage. In January, the company noted that strategic plans are in place to extend its marketing outreach to wellness and pain management centers, targeting venues with significant patient traffic. They also are expecting to qualify its products for use in the European Union and Canada, further expanding its available markets. 


But, while the WellnessPro Plus has helped build a franchise, its newest devices may drive blockbuster returns. And, they come in small packages.


Big Dollars In Small Devices


An interesting fact that is prevalent across multiple industries is that as technology improves, devices and infrastructure often get smaller. Electromedical Technologies gets the point and is developing a mini version of the professional Wellness Pro Plus. It’s expected to have a similar ability to reduce and even eliminate pain. Better yet, an added feature will provide an established link between doctors and patients through a remote POD portal, allowing a doctor to actively monitor progress and modify treatments in real-time. And, Electromedical believes it can be a potential blockbuster product for the company.


Finding Strength Through Science And Collaboration


In April, Electromedical showed the utility of its bioelectric devices by announcing that it has joined into a collaborative agreement with Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, to develop a comprehensive research program in defining the effects of electro-modulation on a physiological state of the human body by studying the impacts of alternating electrical fields on cell signaling. There is also an interest in expanding the electro-modulation studies to explore the possibility of frequencies interfering with replication and assembly of large single-stranded RNA viruses. The end game is for the team to create a variety of laboratory conditions where they can test virus responses, hoping that a virus can be inactivated or, at the least, minimize its pathogenic capacity. The company did note that the studies will all be non-human and are still in preliminary in stages and is not FDA cleared in the US.


Electromedical has not shied from its belief that more research is needed to find innovative ways to improve human wellbeing by identifying specific frequencies that may have a positive effect on human health. If a vaccine is not available for a viral illness, it needs to be equally noted that treatment options are extremely limited today. By thinking outside of the box and exploring innovative ways, such as possibly using physics to inactivate viruses, Electromedical believes a potential bioelectric solution can be identified and brought to market. 


A 2019 front page article published in TIME magazine made that point. That article pointed to the convergence of advances in bioengineering and neurology, which has resulted in a fast-developing way of treating chronic diseases, known as bioelectronic medicine. These advances allow scientists to identify specific nerves and then implant devices that can be activated when needed to stimulate or dial down their activity. The data shows that these devices can, in turn, help to control cells in organs targeted by those nerves that regulate the body’s many immune and metabolic responses. Bioelectronics will one day stand alongside pharmaceuticals to help improve human health.


Another announcement came in late May, when the company joined into a collaboration agreement with California College of Natural Medicine for a “First of its Kind” certification program in the United States called “Bioelectronics Wellness Practitioner.” This certification program and curriculum are pending approval. Once the curriculum and certification program are approved, doctors and students will have access to the WellnessPro Plus devices. This will give them a hands-on understanding of the various techniques and benefits of using drug-free application techniques for chronic, acute post-traumatic, and intractable pain. The proposed CCNM curriculum will provide students a better understanding of new emerging technologies that use energy, frequency, and vibration instead of drug therapies.


Both programs demonstrate the power of non-invasive, bioelectric treatment. 


Investing In Opportunity And Life-Changing Products


Electromedical Technologies is delivering innovative and useful life-changing products to the market. Moreover, recognizing the long-term value in Electromedical Technologies is inspired by their belief that healthcare is a human business, something that will never go out of style. 


Beyond recognizing the human value of the business, though, it’s most important to understand that Electromedical Technologies has the knowledge, product line, financial means, and management team to deliver to market their innovative non-toxic, non-invasive bioelectronic solutions. In May, the company boosted its advisory team by announcing that Constantin Kishkovski has been appointed to the Company’s Marketing Advisory Board to help the company prepare for European expansion. Constantin Kishkovski was formerly Head of The Representative Office in the Ukraine of the Medical and Consumer Divisions for Johnson and Johnson (NYSE: JNJ). Also, Mr. Kishkovski was Director of Sales for Nestle Inc. (OTC: NSRGY) in the Ukraine and Moldova.


At the end of the day, countries around the world are adapting to a “New Normal” when it comes to daily life. As a result, more and more people will be looking towards telemedicine and treatments at home, and millions more who find themselves in lockdown and struggling with chronic pain and opioid abuse may find limited treatment options. 


A recent CNN report says: The  U.S. opioid crisis will worsen during and after the pandemic (LINK).


Those reasons alone help make the WellnessPro® Plus a logical choice for people needing constant care. That choice is rooted in support by the product’s having helped thousands of people relieve their chronic pain and achieve a better quality of life without toxic side effects or drug interactions for years. 


Electromedical Technologies is recognized for making a positive difference now. But, by working to enhance the benefits of its products in the future, makes them an even better company.


Innovation won’t leave Electromedical Technologies behind. On the contrary, it may leave them standing center-stage as an industry leader and pioneer in the future of bioelectric treatment.




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