Studentsville the platform to enjoy everything Italy while at home

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Studentsville the platform to enjoy everything Italy while at home

August 15
01:40 2020
Studentsville the platform to enjoy everything Italy while at home
We’re locked down but this doesn’t mean we can’t dream the Italian landscapes

Founded in 2001, Studentsville starts off as a blog that would help international visitors with their doubts and questions about what to do, where to go, and how to fully enjoy Italy. Taken over in mid 2017, Studentsville expanded the reach of its blog and added a new website that would take into consideration not only the main cities that everyone know about in Italy like Milan, Rome, and Florence, but expanded its reach to a wide range of cities big and small all around the peninsula.

For those that don’t know about Studentsville, you can tell from the name that it mainly targets students that are looking for medium to long term accommodation in the Italian peninsula, for travel, study or just vacation (That doesn’t mean that there’s a veto on tourists, I know I’m not a student anymore and I could book an apartment right here and now).

Why did Studentsville expand? Well, with the influx of international students in Italy over the years it was time to reach out even more to the international community. The owners all with a background in digital marketing and real estate decided it was time to play ball and throw themselves out there.

But what can you find on Studentsville? Well the main information that is available regards what to do in all the cities that you’re thinking about visiting. You can find a variety of bars, restaurants, and places to enjoy a nice aperitivo. But you can also find all the best universities and language schools in the city your thinking about staying in. Think about it as the one stop for things international student related. Cause there’s also all the tedious legal stuff and documentation info you’re gonna find yourself needed to think about when you’re there, but worry not as it’s all really easy to understand on Studentsville.

Now, all of the content above can be found on the Studentsville website. So what does the blog do today? If you can already find a wide array of info on the website?

Well the Blog looks at more things that regard Italian culture. You find info on regional foods, this way you know what needs to be tried when you go visit certain regions. Info on what locations need to be visited while in the country, from the beaches to the mountains to all the best little Borghi around the countryside. It’s a good way to start planning some trips while we’re dreaming about leaving the country.

The idea behind Studentsville’s team is to make everything as easy going and stress free for whoever wishes to visit Italy, once everyone is going to be able to come over to study again, and it seems that they can’t wait for that to happen.

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