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Personalized Holistic Addiction Treatment is Effective

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Personalized Holistic Addiction Treatment is Effective

August 20
23:08 2020

Any type of addiction can quickly wreak havoc in a person’s life, whether it is an addiction to alcohol or any other type of mind, and mood-altering drug.  There are literally hundreds of centers that promise results, but the most efficient and quick way to overcome any addiction is by choosing one that takes a holistic approach to treatment and is experienced in the type of addiction that needs to be overcome.  1000 Islands Rehabilitation Centre follows the holistic approach and constructs an individualized yet flexible plan for any individual under their care. Holistic care in overcoming addiction simply means focusing on the mind, the body, the spirit, and the overall personality and outlook of the individual seeking treatment. 

A holistic approach includes focusing on the physical, emotional and mental health of addicts. 

Individuals that seek treatment are thoroughly screened for any physical or mental problems that may very well undermine the treatment.  There can be emotional problems contributing to an addiction, as well as undiagnosed physical and mental problems.  In addition, lifestyle must be explored, and a plan put together not just for the immediate treatment of the addiction, but also for a clean and sober experience for a lifetime.

Individuals can also suffer cross-addictions, and this also must be addressed. 

1000 Islands Rehab Centre takes care to include the present, the past and the future recovery, and even includes family members in the treatment plans as they may unknowingly be contributing to the addiction by enabling the addiction.  Traumas, environment, underlying mental illnesses and even genetics can contribute to addictions. In fact, it is estimated by studies that of those individuals suffering from alcohol addiction, about 50 % or more are suffering from depression or another mental disorder.  This is referred to as a “dual diagnosis.” 

Family members should also be included in the recovery process as many times they are enablers.

While well meaning, a family might hate to witness a patient’s suffering, and therefore make excuses for their behaviors, cover up or hide the behaviors, or even furnish the patient with the alcohol or drugs that they are seeking in order to alleviate their suffering when experiencing withdrawal.  It is not unusual for families to allow addicted individuals to engage in their behaviors and might provide food, money, and housing to them, all the while making the addiction even more difficult to overcome. 

Medical monitoring, aftercare plans, and an individualized approach works the most efficiently.

Any treatment center should address all the above and each treatment center can be slightly different, so one should be chosen that meets individuals’ specific needs.  There is no one size fits all approach to overcoming addictions and research and consultations should occur before one is chosen for treatment.  The best type of holistic treatment should be sought at all costs in the battle against addictions.

About 1000 Islands Rehabilitation Centre

Located in Mallorytown, Ontario this addiction treatment center has been assisting others to overcome all types of addictions for years.  The holistic treatment approach includes attention to medical, emotional and mental needs as well as lifestyle changes.  It is in a remote location giving individuals the privacy they need.  There is a contact form, a toll-free phone number, an email, and tips on staying clean and sober for aftercare.  Their approach is individualized, and there is even an Assessment Test to determine if an individual does indeed suffer from addiction. 

Media Contact
Company Name: 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone: 855-929-4045
Address:UNIT-B, 853 1000 Islands Parkway
City: Mallorytown
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Country: Canada

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