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How to choose the installation method of fuse holder?

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How to choose the installation method of fuse holder?

August 26
14:22 2020

Fuse holder manufacturer

Now in life, we often use a variety of fuse holder, it is used to install the fuse of a base, the products are widely used in many of our home appliance equipment, the car also has the fuse holder of this product, it is in use process, show good resistance to current and voltage characteristic, also has certain flame retardant, the PCB fuse holder manufacturer from the following two aspects to introduce specific.

Installation methods vary with product diversity

Choose the right product with different fuse holder

First, there are many ways to install:

1. On the panel of some electrical equipment, we can see the products of fuse holder, which is usually installed on electronic equipment, such as speakers, massage chairs, etc., on some small appliances and some industrial machinery, and often installed through some clues.

2. The use of PCB products and some fuse clips in these appliances can ensure the safety of these appliances in the use process, to avoid short circuit or power, as well as fire and other accidents.

3. This product is often used in automobiles and is similar to several installation methods of small appliances to ensure the safety of driving.

Second, choose the right installation method

When using fuses in different devices, different types of fuses need to be used, which enables people to choose different types of fuse holders. There are many kinds of products on the market now. Different types of products can be selected according to the size of the fuse holder, and different types of products can be selected according to the material. At present, products are divided into environmental protection and non – environmental protection. Therefore, when people choose this product, they must choose the right model to ensure that the fuse can be installed correctly and the fuse can be used well.

Fuse holder is now widely used in life.In the selection of products, we must choose the appropriate type of products according to the specific situation, in order to ensure better use.

The above is about the fuse holder installation of the choice of the key points, specific understanding more about: pcb fuse holder 10×38, pcb fuse holder 5×20

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