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JGMaker Artist-D High-Precision 3D Printer Launched on Kickstarter

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JGMaker Artist-D High-Precision 3D Printer Launched on Kickstarter

September 23
02:08 2020
Robust high-precision 3D printer for DIY enthusiasts offers enhanced printing performance

DIY enthusiasts and creative makers wanting to tap into the potential offered by 3D printing technology are being presented today with JGMaker Artist-D, a 3D printer launched on Kickstarter that showcases professional-grade quality and advanced features that are now placed within the reach of every person.

Featuring an independent dual nozzle structure that allows users to print with two different materials or two different colors at the same time and the mono-color mode alongside with the duo-color mode to allow for these options to be used, Artist-D innovates in its nozzle structure to higher calibre. “In fact, one of the nozzles may be inactive while the other one is printing while being sure that the plastic won’t drip from one of the models to the other,” Andrew, one of the developers of Artist-D, said. “These independent nozzles are designed to offer more possibilities and better user experience,” the developer said.

JGMaker 3D printer also has two other modes available: The Mirror Mode, which allows users to print a reflection of another set; and the Copy Mode, which allows for two equal sets to be simultaneously printed. Easy to assemble due to its modular design, any user can assemble Artist-D in two steps. “Making this technology easy to use by anyone is something that we’re passionate about,” Thomas stated while observing that the printer supports Smootheware, the highly modular open-source firmware, that lets people make use of the device even without understanding its core code.

Artist-D also boasts an innovative Nozzle Extrusion Kit that makes it easy and quick to remove the nozzle as well as very simple to install, repair and uninstall the plug. Its simplified wiring structure supports the device’s high-performance while also making its maintenance simpler.

Another characteristic of this 3D printer is that even if the power goes accidentally out or there’s an unexpected material shortage, the machine will resume printing despite interruptions that may accidentally occur. “In short, the printing work won’t be easily and irreversibly abandoned, even if the SD Card is also removed accidentally. This is a smart printer that will pick up the work where it was left, which is especially important for users who are doing long printing work and don’t their efforts to go to waste,” Mr. McMeekin further noted.

Artist-D comes with a high-performance 32-bit step driver chip to make it function in line with the enhanced efficient performance that it promises to deliver. While it is a device for enthusiasts, this printer is built with several industrial-grade parts—such as the guide slider—to deliver a smoother performance with less friction and higher precision. Its stability is also ensured by an integrated sheet metal base that is stable and thick, and which comes with a built-in power source.

About the Creators of the Artist-D

Artist-D is a creation of SHENZHEN AURORA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, a company specializing in 3D printers, 3D scanners, consumables, and 3D printing education courses. Founded in 2009, the company has been in the frontline of China’s first professional 3D printer R&D and manufacturers. It has done extensive work in the development and comprehensive application of 3D printing technology, and it’s seriously committed to building China’s 3D digital ecological system.

For more information, please visit the campaign page or at their official website.

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