Aga Szydlik – Cultural and documentary photographer in USA and South Africa

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Aga Szydlik – Cultural and documentary photographer in USA and South Africa

September 29
12:10 2020

Aga Szydlik is a photographer whose main focus is on cultural, documentary and experimental photography. She is passionate about exploring the world and through her travels in complete immersion in the culture she documents. Through her photography, Aga aims to tell the story of people she meets during her travels and the stories they tell her in the relevant and expressive fashion. She is passionate about capturing emotions, rituals and everyday situations in different social contexts such as urban, tribal, nature and remote wilderness.

Aga’s travel photography documents places which captivate her, mostly countryside and world heritage sites. Her tribal and cultural photography is focused on understanding and documenting the rich cultural heritage of various tribes and their beliefs. She is captivated by alternative processes, analogue photography, Lomography and salt/albumin prints as well as mixed media.

Aga’s professional journey begun with the fight photography, when she was living in Thailand.  Muay Thai was (and is) one of her many passions and she was presented with the opportunity to cover Muay Thai fights she had the best time of her life doing it. During her extensive travels, Aga was able to have many adventures and was able to explore SE Asia, eventually, years later her journey took her to Indonesia and South Africa. Her passion for photography and travels is shared with the passion for science, as she spends most of her time trying to cure people and a planet. She actively supports human right movements and various conservation efforts. Aga’s assignments involve both freelance work and collaborations with various NGOs.

Due to her overly idealistic personality, Aga obsessively questions the purpose of her work and scrutinizes each photo she has ever taken, exhibited or published to the point of insanity.  She also questions the relevance and creativity of modern photography which most certainly will push her sanity over the edge one day.

Most of the time Aga defines herself as a Cultural Photographer and Scientist (or vice versa). She also believes that photography is a revolutionary form of art which should be free of conventions (clearly she is a dreamer).  She aims to creatively and accurately portray people she photographs in the most powerful and meaningful way she is capable of achieving (please be kind, she is still work in progress).

Aga Szydlik is based in Cambridge (USA) and Johannesburg (SA) and she will be more than happy to collaborate with you, when she is not sciencing, practising yoga, rescuing stray cats or writing about herself in the third person.

Media Contact
Company Name: Aga L. Photography
Contact Person: Aga Szydlik
Email: Send Email
Phone: (781) 526-9317
Country: United States

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