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How This Algorithm Could Replace The Drudgery of Creating Ads and Branding

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How This Algorithm Could Replace The Drudgery of Creating Ads and Branding

October 01
10:16 2020
How This Algorithm Could Replace The Drudgery of Creating Ads and Branding

ADMANITY President Roy Regalado (Left), and Founder and CEO Brian Gregory (Right)
The ADMANITY® Protocol is a test-based brand analysis which provides any business with best practice advertising, marketing, and communications consulting. It provides the same level of consulting that big brands use to influence their audience, but at a rate that any business can afford.

Phoenix, AZ – According to ZipRecruiter, ad agencies pay the average brand analyst a salary is $51,157, and the cost for a business to hire one as a consultant is $50 – $150 per hour. This is a significant barrier to entry for a lot of businesses who wish to get this sort of insight. This is especially cost-prohibitive during a pandemic, where marketing budgets are commonly first to get slashed, yet are the primary driver of most business.

One company is solving this problem by not only getting agency-level advice in the hands of Main Street businesses, but also by removing the drudgery and frustration that comes with building a branding campaign about their business.

The ADMANITY® Protocol is a test-based brand analysis which provides any business with best practice advertising, marketing, and communications consulting. The ADMANITY Protocol is a digital, four element experience that aims to not only show the primary strategies and tactics that big brands often use to influence their audience, but how smaller brands can accomplish the exact same thing. 

The first element is the test.  The 5-minute, true/false format aims to locate the emotional identity of a brand, and display them in the second element, the 4-6 page Brand Brief, which gives a summary of the key emotional tactics the brand should be using. 

The third element is a 150+ page document specific to the brand’s emotional archetype. This is called the Brand Attraction Report. This Brand Attraction Report has 10 sections. The first section educates about the emotions that the brand conveys, as well as the 15 emotional archetypes that exist. The second section talks about the brand’s primary archetype, including its components, as well as its Primal Trigger that sets up its archetype in the consumer’s perception. Think of this section as what makes up the DNA of the brand’s archetype. The third section is the brand’s advertising formulas, and what a brand needs to do in order to solicit and project their archetype onto their audience through advertisements. Section four is their “Hidden Advantage,” which is essentially the brand’s ideal strategies for upselling or getting more purchase frequency. The fifth section is the “Inverse Archetypes,” which lays out the elements of the archetype that brands should avoid in their messaging; the ones that don’t move the needle as much as the others. Section six is the key words, phrases and metaphors that make up effective archetype copywriting. Section seven reveals what kind of customers are attracted to the archetype, the colors that move them, and the gifts that keep them loyal. Section eight describes how to win back lost customers. Section nine is the laws, lists, and lessons that are at the core of all brand archetypes. Section 10 is a summary, selected quotes, legal stuff, and contact information.

The fourth element of the ADMANITY Protocol is the customer’s Personal Portal, which includes a virtual library of videos, blogs, and podcasts.  This online portal also includes ADMANITY U, the company’s way of providing professional consulting to its customers. 

ADMANITY’s founder and CEO, Brian Gregory says, “Never before has an algorithm, based on human emotion, been created to analyze the emotional advantages for any business. Based upon the fifteen emotions that have historically and consistently been used to sell to consumers, The ADMANITY Protocol identifies the same advertising and marketing strategies the ‘big brands’ use. Sharing this knowledge allows ADMANITY to support its mission to help the small business compete more effectively in their marketplace. The objective is to arm the mom and pop, startup, or small business operator with the same formulas and insights advertising agency clients enjoy.” 

In addition to the value, businesses will find a modest price compared to the averages that are normally charged – For independent small businesses, a one-time fee of $397 provides the user immediate access to the test and upon completion, creates their personalized Brand Brief. The customer will then be granted access to their Personal Portal, where they will find their Brand Attraction Report – providing dozens of formulas, tactics, strategies, and insights for their specific brand’s emotional identity. The small business can then use this guidance directly in brand communication, customer acquisition, upselling, and even winning-back lost customers. The Brand Brief, the virtual library of resources, and future content created by ADMANITY will also be found in the Personal Portal.  

For agencies and marketing consultancies who will be doing brand analysis for their clients, a customized, Pro-version is available as well.


ADMANITY® created The ADMANITY® Protocol as the first online system to clearly identify and describe the best emotional advertising methods for any business. It is based upon the fifteen emotions that have sold every brand to the world. Every business aligns directly with one of these emotional archetypes. The company was established in 2019 to serve small businesses. The algorithm and test, developed over 7 years, were created by CEO Brian Gregory, a former publisher, advertising executive, and entrepreneur. The company was founded by Gregory and Roy Regalado, a former ad agency executive and entrepreneur. ADMANITY is a registered trade name of ADMANITY, LLC.

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Company Name: Admanity
Contact Person: Brian Gregory
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Phone: 720-295-8294
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Country: United States

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