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On September 12, 2020, “Asia-Pacific Most Beautiful Idol Voting in 2020” fully opened.

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On September 12, 2020, “Asia-Pacific Most Beautiful Idol Voting in 2020” fully opened.

October 28
17:21 2020

The list combines the popularity of Weibo in 2020. It combines the data of artists’ studio, authoritative media and major entertainment portals,and selected 200 most beautiful idols. From these 200 idols, the public will select the top of 100 most beautiful idols in Asia-Pacific by public voting.

With the efforts of all the fans, the voting of “Asia-Pacific Most Beautiful Idol Voting in 2020” has been completed perfectly as of October 20. Top3 is announced as follows:

First place: Xiao Zhan

Congratulations to Xiao Zhan to become the first place of “Asia-Pacific Most Beautiful Idol Voting in 2020”.

In summer of 2019, Xiao Zhan has captured the hearts of a large number of fans with his outstanding acting skills and textbook-level beauty. He has excellent chin line, high nose bridge, and beautiful side face. The greenness on his face has faded and mature and stable appeared. When the light was on him, it seemed the time had begun to freeze.


He can digest different looks well. In “Chen Qing Ling”, the look with the red robe made people fall in love at first sight. Not only the ancient costumes he wears that is stunning, but the modern costumes he wears is also very eye-catching. He presented at the scene with a spliced suit. When he put his one hand in the pocket and waved slightly, his every move is really charming.

When he dancing on the stage, his smile is confident, provocative and charming. In private, he is always full of vigor and vitality. His fresh and short hair is full of vitality. And the faint blue veins on the arm muscles highlight the strength of a man, which is probably the ideal look of a schoolmaster on campus! For Xiao Zhan, this period of growth has a very special significance, I hope that Xiao Zhan can be successful with the experience he has gone through. Just like the lyric rap of his song in “the light spot”.

Second place: Wang Yibo

Congratulations to Wang Yibo to become the second place of “Asia-Pacific Most Beautiful Idol Voting in 2020″.

He is a cool boy with skills such as skateboarding, surfing, motorcycle and dancing,He is a high-quality actor and a professional dancer. He is the white moonlight in the minds of many people.

Last summer, Wang Yibo was well-known to the public for “Chen Qingling”, which benefited from his seriousness and hard work, and also benefited from his natural handsomeness and temperament. Wang Yibo’s interpretation of Lan Wangji is to perfection, And deduces the feeling of the character. There is no doubt that Wang Yibo was the most memorable “summer flow” of last summer. His plasticity is very strong, and there is a big difference between the ancient costume Xie Yun and LAN Zhan’s. The Xieyun in “Youfei” is Xie Meimei, who is naughty and talkative. In the performance of “Ice and Fire”, the character of police officer Chen was dignified, famous and righteous.

As an actor, Wang Yibo has been working hard to break through his more possibilities. He also said that the role he wants to try is the villain. Maybe you think Wang Yibo, who is standing on the stage and dancing cleanly, has nothing to do with the villain. But when he puts on his glasses, he is a lethal arsonist. Sometimes he is evil and charming, or cool and handsome, or elegant. The famous right-angled shoulder with glasses is really “the world’s delusion Wang Yibo.”

Third place: Gulfkanawut

Congratulations to Gulfkanawut for becoming the third place place of “Asia-Pacific Most Beautiful Idol Voting in 2020”.

Gulfkanawut is known to fans in China and Thailand for a TV series “Living with Love”, Although he does not have a Chinese name, he has a very cute Chinese nickname “Little Milk Cake” because he speaks very milky.

Not only speaks milky, Gulfkanawut’s character is also very cute. It melts the hearts of many fans every time he calls “sister”. In everyone’s eyes, he is like a sweet little dog, a gentle boyfriend, and a handsome, cute and sweet peach.

Even though he was tired and hard, he kept smiling every time he appeared in front of the public. Even if he was not very confident in singing, he would sing to everyone at personal meetings because he thinks singing is a kind expression of love. So many people may like him from the beginning of his appearance, and finally loyal to his character.

I hope that Gulfkanawut will not be fettered forever, be free and always healthy, and be a forever child surrounded by love forever.

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