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Hoarding Cleanup In Richmond By Casa Azul Janitorial And Cleaning Services To Improve Livability And Help The Hoarder

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Hoarding Cleanup In Richmond By Casa Azul Janitorial And Cleaning Services To Improve Livability And Help The Hoarder

November 04
19:12 2020
Hoarding Cleanup In Richmond By Casa Azul Janitorial And Cleaning Services To Improve Livability And Help The Hoarder
Casa Azul Cleaning and Janitorial provides efficient hoarding cleanup services in Richmond, CA. This is a licensed, bonded, and insured green cleaning company with the expertise and equipment to systematically clean up space made unlivable due to prolonged hoarding.

According to announcements released by Casa Azul Cleaning and Janitorial and Isabel Gonzalez, customers seeking hoarding cleanup in Richmond can get in touch with it. It has the experience and equipment to clean up apartments made unlivable due to hoarding. More importantly, the staff is trained to approach such jobs with empathy and sensitivity. Hoarders find it challenging to dispose of items no longer of any value or use to them. While some junk amount is to be expected in almost all households, hoarders store and stash stuff to an unnatural and unhealthy degree.

Hoarded items can include books, photographs, newspapers, magazines, cartons, clothes, tins, furniture, household supplies, etc. Hoarders are often compelled to buy items being sold at discounts, avail coupons, and pick up knickknacks they believe are unique. Over time, stuff piles up and can raise a stench. The situation can lead to physical and mental stress for the hoarder and others occupying the premises.

According to sources, Casa Azul Cleaning and Janitorial use only green cleaning supplies that are safe for the inhabitants of a property and the environment. Its proprietary cleaning formulations use as few chemicals as Cleaning agents used by the staff, including baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice.

The business provides carpet and upholstery cleaning services for homeowners and commercial establishments at extremely affordable rates. Homeowners can also avail of its weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services or hire the business to clean and spruce up a property being put up for sale.

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Isabel Gonzalez of Casa Azul Cleaning and Janitorial said, “While early intervention can help deal with hoarding, the immediate need when dealing with a hoarder is trying to make his living quarter livable again.

“Usually, hoarders’ homes are not just filled with random stuff. Their homes can be filled with unsanitary levels of trash, rotting food, and a foul stench. One of the best ways to clean such quarters is by hiring a professional Richmond hoarding cleanup service that is well-versed in the art of cleaning up hoarder homes. They will know exactly how to efficiently gather and discard the trash and then sanitize the home, rid it of its health hazards, and render it livable again.

“This can be the perfect first step in helping a hoarder begin to manage his disorder and start afresh.”

On the difference between collecting and hoarding, Gonzalez said, “People might sometimes wonder what the difference is between collectors and hoarders. There is a stark difference between the two. Collectors are those who have a passion for collecting a specific item and it is a hobby they enjoy and pride themselves in. Collectors are proud of their collection and proudly display their items for all to see. Collections create communities of individuals who share the same interest and passion. Hoarders are so overwhelmed with the stack of items in their home that they lose any capacity to organize and sort through them.”

About the Company:

Casa Azul Janitorial and Cleaning Services has been serving Richmond, CA and Berkeley, CA since 1997. The bonded, licensed, and insured staff from the company is courteous, punctual, and knows how to do its job. Services offered include hoarding cleanups, residential cleaning, maintenance cleaning, move in & move out cleanings, etc.

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Company Name: Casa Azul Cleaning and Janitorial
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Phone: 510.524.2272
Address:1445 San Joaquin Street
City: Richmond
State: CA 94804
Country: United States

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