Start Or Scale Your Business By Leveraging Your Credit With Derek Kumo, Founder Of Rocket Credit

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Start Or Scale Your Business By Leveraging Your Credit With Derek Kumo, Founder Of Rocket Credit

November 05
12:09 2020

Derek Kumo is helping individuals and businesses repair, build, and leverage their credit for optimal success. 

Three years ago, Derek Kumo was in the midst of building his e-commerce business. Coming from a successful sales background, Kumo was beginning to gain momentum in his e-commerce ventures. In doing so, he had unintentionally built up multiple six figures in credit lines. He didn’t simply go about opening credit lines with no rhyme or reason, rather he spent countless hours researching his best options. 

As a result, he emerged from his experiences and came out of it with newfound knowledge of the power of leveraging credit. Leveraging, according to Kumo, is a strategy of using OPM (Other People’s Money). You may have heard that it takes money to make money; well, credit is the vehicle that can level out the playing field. This is where using credit becomes essential.

Kumo couldn’t understand why it had taken him so long to come to this realization and to start taking advantage of the credit opportunities that were so readily available. 

“Most of us weren’t taught about the power of leveraging credit,” says Kumo. 

In fact, most people were actually taught to stay away from credit as it can be dangerous if misused. While this is true, not having established credit can also be limiting. It goes without saying that abusing credit cards, spending frivolously, and amassing huge amounts of consumer debt is unwise. However, credit used strategically can have an incredible payoff. 

Kumo explains, “Credit is ultimately the relationship and trust you build with the banks.” 

A good relationship built on trust, consistency, and responsible actions with banking can breed opportunities. Remember, for most people, credit is required to buy a home, rent an apartment, or acquire capital to start and scale a business. 

Kumo was certain that he hadn’t been the only person who had overlooked the power of credit. Feeling burnt out in the e-commerce industry, Kumo wanted to build a business that would actually make a difference in the lives of others. He saw the way leveraging credit had impacted his own life and business so he set out to bring the same knowledge to others. 

Today, Rocket Credit has helped thousands of individuals and businesses repair, build, and leverage their credit. Kumo explains that there are multiple ways to leverage credit. For example, individuals can leverage credit to invest in assets or to generate passive income, save thousands of dollars when making large purchases such as a car or a home, or use it to get free travel. Once he began working with clients, Kumo realized that most people weren’t in a position to be able to effectively leverage their credit. For many, their first step was to repair or enhance their credit file. 

While this is often thought to be an arduous process, Kumo’s strategies have equipped clients with the tools to do so efficiently so that they can begin rebuilding and utilizing their credit as soon as possible. 

After an individual or business has repaired their credit, the possibilities to leverage their good credit are endless. If you are looking to start or scale your business, there is no better way to do so than leveraging your credit. The amount of money a bank will be willing to lend all depends on the strength of the client’s credit file. 

“If an individual has a good credit score and credit file, they can easily obtain a 0% credit line and make an investment into their business,” explains Kumo.

Kumo consults one-on-one with clients and businesses and is presently in the midst of launching a credit course that will teach consumers how to repair, build, and leverage their credit for increased personal and business profits. 

For individuals looking to start bettering their credit immediately, Kumo offers the following simple, but often overlooked advice: 

“Always pay on time and know the difference between the statement closing date and due date. Don’t have a high balance reported; once your utilization is over 30%, it starts to negatively affect your score. You can spend on your cards but as long as you pay it off before the statement closing date, it will be reported as 0 balance.” 

Derek Kumo and his team at Rocket Credit are result-driven and are dedicated to help their clients succeed. The road to improved credit will require patience and strategy, but with the right tools and practices, anyone can boost their credit and learn to leverage it for optimal success. 

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