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Future Platform For Free Speech News Clapper is Now Launched – Get Clapper to Read Content Aloud

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Future Platform For Free Speech News Clapper is Now Launched – Get Clapper to Read Content Aloud

November 27
14:32 2020
Future Platform For Free Speech News Clapper is Now Launched - Get Clapper to Read Content Aloud

The platform formerly known as news clapper is now launched as Clapper, recently for the users who have a lot to share with the world. The platform is a stand out among the rest of the content platforms due to its no-censorship and unbiased content support. Unlike the other platforms out there, Clapper is offering creative content creators the to come up with different and exclusive content options. Everything that one is not able to create, publish and air on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more, is eligible for this platform.

The platform of neutrality and free speech

The purpose of detaching Clapper from the news is to make it a free speech and neutral platform. All the content creators and users here are welcomed to debate and discuss controversial topics, debates, issues, and more. It is more like a personalized broadcasting option for all the creative heads out there. Without any racial, or community barriers everyone have access to best and quality content.

Self-constructed community guidelines

Unlike all other platforms, Clapper is not coming up already defined community guidelines. The platform developers believe that users and content creators are eligible enough to do it their way. It is all in the user and creator’s hand to define the limitations and restrictions. All individuals above 17 are able to access platform as content creator or user. The developers will welcome them for all suggestions about community guidelines.

No advertiser influence

The other social media broadcasting platforms have to face restrictions due to the influence of advertisers. Brands and sponsors prefer to keep their messages and campaigns in action on platforms. Considering the monetary factors, they rule over the content, its censorship, approval and other restrictions. With Clapper, things are quite different. There will be no external sponsorship to the platform that can pressurize content creators or developers as well. Everyone is free to act and free to create anything that falls under free speech and right to express.

Paid subscriptions enabled

To encourage the creative content developers, Clapper is coming up with paid subscriptions. The creators with best content and larger number of subscribers will be able to be the part of Clapper FAM. The subscribers will pay a token of appreciation to the creators in reward of their content available on portal for them 24/7.

Media Contact
Company Name: Clapper Media Group Inc.
Contact Person: Edison
Email: Send Email
Phone: (302) 538-9028
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Country: United States

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