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N7 Nitro Kava Bar opens as the first Nitro Kava Bar in Tampa Bay

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N7 Nitro Kava Bar opens as the first Nitro Kava Bar in Tampa Bay

December 17
07:06 2020
They do not just sell kava; they create an experience.

N7 Nitro Kava Bar proudly brings nitro-brewed kava to Tampa Bay. They offer a unique take on the iconic drink by giving the nitro kava experience with a full drink menu, including traditional kava, coffees and teas.

N7 Nitro Kava Bar offers more than just kava drinks, so this is a must-try for fans of traditional kava. Their extensive menu serves nitro drinks like Kratom blend, Sangria and Kava Shell; specialty drinks like Kratom Mocha Cold Brew Latte, Kratom Strawberry Colada and Kava Caramel Frappe.

They offer a wonderful experience composed of great drinks and delightful people. There is comfortable seating, relaxing lighting and great conversation. Patrons can treat N7 Nitro Kava Bar as an enjoyable social meeting ground. The bar makes sure its patrons have a fun, relaxing and inviting atmosphere where they can get together and hang out. Customers can even have their kava drinks to-go.

Made from the roots of a plant grown in the South Pacific, the kava drink is made from the ground up root and mixed with water. It then becomes a kava juice, giving a relaxing and sedative mood with no bad after-effects like a hangover, extreme emotions or no memory loss.

Kava has been used for thousands of years as a ceremonial and social drink. Historically, it has been served in Polynesian cultures, particularly as a part of welcoming ceremonies honoring special visitors. The drink is also consumed in a kava ceremony, which is either social or ceremonial.

Social ceremonies include a gathering of chiefs, a visit from a neighboring chief or a gathering before battle. Ceremonial rites include the end of a chief’s public assembly, the inauguration of a new chief or a meeting with the divine. There are countries like Fiji, where the kava drink is widely consumed and the people consider it as a national drink.

“Kava root offers a unique and natural relaxation and calming effect. Some people drink kava as an alternative to going out to the bar and drinking alcohol. It allows some to relax the mind while keeping your mental clarity,” stated the N7 Nitro Kava team.

N7 Nitro Kava Bar held its grand opening on December 12, 2020, with more than 200 confirmed attendees on their Facebook event page. They hosted an epic night of live music, drink specials and raffles. More information can be found at

About N7 Nitro Kava Bar

N7 Nitro Kava Bar is Tampa Bay’s first Nitro Kava Bar.

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Company Name: N7 Nitro Kava Bar
Contact Person: Josh Bowles
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Phone: 727-489-8800
Country: United States

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