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Freelancing Reimagined – How Wesat is Disrupting the Economy

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Freelancing Reimagined – How Wesat is Disrupting the Economy

January 21
21:09 2021
Wesat’s subscription-free CRM and payment platform has freelancers excited.

Kash Goudarzi, co-founder and CEO of Wesat, found great early success by solving a major growing pain of his own and many others alike within the photo editing community – the lack of free high-quality RAW photos. So, in 2017 he developed a website, Wesaturate, where photographers could upload high-quality RAW photos for editors to showcase their editing skills by creatively transforming a photo into one of their own.

After launch, Wesaturate grew rapidly to over 100K+ users (including several universities and a Google research team), becoming the world’s largest community for RAW photo editing hobbyists. People all around the world were contributing to the site with RAW photos, and even more people downloading the free RAW photos, editing and re-uploading them to share their creativity, while still giving credit to the original contributor. As the months went on, the team realized that many of the top photographers and editors were beginning to gain massive popularity within the site. With growing popularity and a forum to share a creative portfolio, came the growing demand for paid photography and editing freelance opportunities. At that moment Kash and the founding team sparked the idea for

The team heard loud and clear what the freelancers wanted and saw it as a huge opportunity to fill a gap in the market. In 2019, the team researched further into the many pain points freelancers faced while managing their business. What they found was that many freelancers, from a wide range of industries, had similar pain points. These included a lack of automation in their workflow, redundant documents that required manual updates for each client, wasted time managing business administration rather than mastering their craft, and costly tools with large learning curves.

By the end of 2019, was developed and launched. It showcases the importance of providing an easy user interface and freelancers with a bird’s-eye view of their projects, clients, and documents. Users can also create free professional invoices, contracts, and questionnaires that can be personalized for any client automatically.

Wesat’s mission is to provide the best subscription-free freelancing CRM, so all freelancers, regardless of their industry or experience, can enjoy more time mastering their craft and less time managing their business. To extend their mission to even more people, they will be launching a mobile app in Spring of 2021 – so all freelancers have quick access to their business, no matter where they are.

To start off the new year, they are offering free demos that come with a $50 credit towards your account. You can take advantage of this offer and schedule a free demo today.

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