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Caitlyn Grace on Answering the Call of Intuition and Living Consciously

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Caitlyn Grace on Answering the Call of Intuition and Living Consciously

January 26
04:09 2021
Caitlyn Grace on Answering the Call of Intuition and Living Consciously

Many people are interested in manifesting and growing spiritually, but they may have difficulties doing so because of certain blockages. In cases like this, a guide can help them move in the right direction.

Caitlyn Grace is an author, spiritual guide, intuitive healer, transformation coach, and motivational speaker. Gifted with the ability to awaken intuitive, creative, and spiritual gifts in others, she is the catalyst that stimulates change on all levels. 

“I have been blessed with the ability to activate others in miraculous ways,” Caitlyn shares, “not only spiritually but energetically, mentally, emotionally, and physically.” She is known for dissolving energetic blocks and helping individuals reprogram negative self-talk and disempowering belief systems.

In 2018, Caitlyn Grace experienced her first spiritual awakening. She recalls, “No one seemed to understand what I was going through. That’s when I heard the call of my soul and made the commitment to dedicate my life to support others on their awakening and healing journeys.”

Despite having gone through her fair share of hardships and challenges, today Caitlyn can confidently say she is in a place of peace. Her awakening was triggered after experiencing a gruesome breakup full of infidelity, deceit, and betrayal. “The mental and emotional trauma left me feeling defeated and unworthy of love and life,” Caitlyn says. She recalls spending several hours on the floor of her closet, contemplating ending her life. Little did she know, those few hours would change her life forever. Suddenly, she was given a vision of what her future looked like. “It felt like a jolt of energy, full of hope for a brighter future.” With renewed purpose, she set out to support others in their spiritual growth and development.

 “There were many times where I felt afraid, however, I quickly learned how to trust and honor my intuition. I have made decisions that seemed absolutely insane to others, but each decision always led me right where I needed to be,” she shares. Caitlyn felt a nudge to sell her house, quit her job, and go on a trip to discover her definition of home. She was called to leave a place of stability and familiarity and thrust herself into the unknown. “I had a tough time with that decision. I was not only changing my life, but I would also be changing my son’s life.” 

Even though it was difficult, Caitlyn chose to listen and honor her intuition. She and her son relocated from Memphis to Pensacola, and they have never been happier. Caitlyn also decided to answer another intuitive call recently. After eight years, she left her career in corporate healthcare and dove fully into her individual path to support and guide others through this “mass awakening” happening world-wide.

Caitlyn Grace offers mentorship programs, energy healing sessions, and sound healing therapy. She also recently launched Holy Sh!ft, an online community platform, with Paige Ward. Together they share their perspectives on living a more conscious and grounded life.

Caitlyn Grace is set to release her book #WokeAF in February. She wrote it as a survival guide for all of life’s low blows. “I have been through loss, depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, and several heartbreaks. Throughout my journey, I journaled every experience and how I managed to work through them. That personal record of my journey eventually became the stepping stone for this book,” Caitlyn shares. In #WokeAF, Caitlyn offers the readers support and guidance around navigating the many stages of healing and awakening… This book provides a step-by-step guide to support others through the oftentimes strange and uncomfortable stages of awakening. 

When asked about her inspiration for writing the book, Caitlyn explained, “[It’s] the reason why I am needed on this planet to support others and activate their greatest potential.”

“Healing and transformation can only happen if you are open to change. Taking control of our life takes courage, and I am here to support and walk beside others as they walk their path of awakening with peace in their hearts.”

More information about Mentorships and healing sessions with Caitlyn Grace are available on her website. For updates on her book #WokeAF, you may visit her Instagram page. Caitlyn is available for interviews and speaking opportunities and can be reached through the information below.

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