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Whistler Dog Playtime Announces Two-Week Free Service in Key Areas of Chicago

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Whistler Dog Playtime Announces Two-Week Free Service in Key Areas of Chicago

February 05
16:45 2021
An amazing experience awaits dogs and dog owners with this company’s latest offer. Whistler believes that a dog’s social experience is also crucial.

The pandemic continues to take a toll on everyone, including pets. For dog owners, seeing their pet dog become affected by the pandemic can be more than disappointing. Like humans, dogs also need to boost their social and physical health. Whistler Dog Playtime, a group of dog experts, understands the importance of a dog’s social and physical well-being. As such, Whistler Dog Playtime brings pack playtime to Chicago in a way existing dog walking companies and daycares haven’t been able to – while saving dog owners money. To jumpstart the fun, Whistler Dog Playtime offers two full weeks of free trial without the need for commitment or any payment details.

“Dogs are experiencing unparalleled levels of social isolation. The whole team is eagerly helping dogs and their owners address this. We handle your dog’s physical, social, and emotional well-being to create significant changes in your dog’s behavior. This also means more time for owners and better value for money,” said a spokesperson from Whistler Dog Playtime.

Unlike the usual indoor playground, Whistler Dog Playtime creates curated dog packs based on personality for outdoor playtime. Regular dog walking doesn’t satisfy a dog’s physical exercise needs – but mingling with other dogs is vital to develop their social skills and improve a dog’s emotional health. Dog walking doesn’t cut it here.

Playing in a pack helps dogs become socially accommodating. This activity also leads to a holistic results: relieves stress, boredom, destructively chewing up the house, bowel movements in the house, and separation anxiety. At the same time, regular social stimulation combined with physical exercise enhances a dog’s fitness and increases the release of their happy hormones. These activities record better sleeping habits, increased appetite, and less fearful behavior. They also build up a more confident personality. Whistler Dog Playtime also assures that dogs are properly matched with a playgroup of three other doggy best friends through a proprietary dog personality tests.

Whistlers, the experts behind the company, are well-trained to read every dog’s body language. Whistlers are also accustomed to managing multiple dogs at a time to provide ample care and safety to these active furry friends. For consistency, each dog is assigned to the same whistler every time to build a strong bond. This allows whistlers to easily learn the dog’s personality and nature while the dog becomes at ease with the team.

To improve a dog’s overall experience, Whistler Dog Playtime offers unlimited free consultations and you will have access to a free text-based dog helpline number you can text anytime to answer questions about your dog – be it about food, behavioral training, health, and more. Clients are guaranteed high-quality service with endorsements from well-known partners, including the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago. It also offers Tuckered Pupper Guarantee, which assures a $20 gift card after the two-week trial if the dog becomes happier with its previous arrangement. Customers may also get at least a $50 Amazon gift card for referring someone who does the two-week free trial and then signs on as a customer for more than two weeks.

Interested clients may get in touch with the team through

About Whistler Dog Playtime

Whistler Dog Playtime is a group of experts who are passionate to provide the proper care and safety for dogs. The company aims to help dogs and owners alike improve their current lifestyle and well-being.

Media Contact
Company Name: Whistler Dog Playtime
Contact Person: Casey Ryan
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Phone: 3124816042
Country: United States

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